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4 Physical Security Controls Your Business Needs

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Your business needs an integrated, reliable, flexible, secure and access-controlled work environment.

Most security concerns are focused solely on the digital environment. it’s logical. The majority of cyberattacks are online. And with today’s businesses increasingly storing all their data and sensitive information in the cloud, it’s understandable that physical security has overshadowed its digital counterparts.

yes, ignore physical security It’s something you risk and undertake. Theft is one of the most serious risks to your business and brand image, so having a comprehensive security system is a smart choice.

Let’s take a look at some of the physical security controls that are important to your business.

1. Adopt the latest surveillance technology

Surveillance is a powerful weapon For criminal acts against company property of all kinds. The biggest approach here is to use cable television (CCTV).

24-hour surveillance by a professional security guard service is another surveillance method that works well with CCTV.

2. Access control

Surely your company needs some form of access control to its facilities. For small workspaces with only one entry door, a basic lock is sufficient. However, if your company has large workspaces with multiple access methods, you should invest in more complex security.

Your requirements are determined solely by your circumstances. This can range from alternatives like fingerprint scanning to something as simple as a card swipe entry system.

Issuing all employees and visitors with a corporate ID badge is one of the strongest security measures a company can use to combat unauthorized intrusions.

3. Create a security environment for your business

Getting employees to take security seriously is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your physical security measures.

Regularly educate your employees about the need for security procedures and what they can do to make your business safer.

4.Alarm settings

Alarm systems are an important response element. These can be traditional entrance sensors, motion or noise detectors, or other environmental monitoring devices such as smoke detectors that can alert the fire department. Modern alarm systems are often integrated with surveillance camera equipment that can be controlled from a smartphone, and also feature immediate alerts to firefighters and police services.

To ensure that your alarm system protects your assets, consider skilled installation, 24/7 monitoring, and backup power selection, regardless of the nature of the alarm system you choose.

5. Guard patrols

Using mobile responsive security is a great option for putting a certain amount of security force on your site. This physical security control includes security personnel patrolling the entire facility with a special focus on high-risk areas.

With this physical security control in place on your property, security guards can check locks and respond quickly if an alarm goes off. Even if it’s a false alarm.

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