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Retired Broken Arrow police officer called to become school security guard – 2 News Oklahoma KJRH Tulsa

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Broken Arrow, Oklahoma — School districts around the Green Country have increased security or partnered with law enforcement to ensure the safety of students, including Broken Arrow Public Schools.

2 News Oklahoma spoke with a former Broken Arrow police officer who decided to come to BAPS and join the security team after a recent school shooting.

“I can definitely say that Uvalde changed my life.”

Scott Bross has been with the Broken Arrow Police Department for 25 years. In his detective department, he worked on child abuse cases until he retired in 2015. Bross says he got another badge after the shootings in Texas.

“I have grandchildren and it was painful to watch,” he said. “So that sort of put me on a soul-searching mission. I knew I still had the desire and desire to do something in this arena.”

Bross started working as a security officer for BAPS in August. In his one year, the school district’s security team doubled his size, but he still has two positions left. Most of the guards are retired from law enforcement.

“It’s hard to find someone with the mentality to run into a shootout instead of running away from it. will give you.”

Jeff Martin worked for BAPD for almost 36 years before becoming the district’s Campus Security Coordinator. Martin says they not only work to keep students safe, they build relationships.

“It’s good for children to see,” Martin said. It’s like bridging the gap between the community and the police. ”

Martin and Bros also say they are learning new things rather than being taught at the police academy.

“I’ll be the first to open a milk carton. I can tie multiple shoes at the same time,” Bros said.

“It keeps you young,” said Martin.

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