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Benefits of Switching to Mobile Patrol Apps for Security Guards

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A mobile patrol app for security guards offers many benefits, such as better scheduling and the ability to work remotely. It also helps us deliver reports and instant information about our site. This leads to increased efficiency and productivity. Security guards can also access schedule information, check-in/check-out, swap shifts, and chat. Let’s take a look at the benefits for security guards to switch to mobile patrol apps.

various uses

The mobile patrol app is designed for multi-purpose use. Security guards are usually able to contact authorities, report activity immediately, check-in/check-out, etc. Guards can also chat with other guards and group her chats using the mobile her patrol app. Packed with so many essential tools, the app helps guards reduce the number of devices they need.

Easy reporting and tracking

Tracking and reporting are two other features found in the mobile patrol app. These features can provide great value to security companies as well as security guards. Tracking uses your smartphone’s GPS technology to help you keep track of security guards at all times. Security guard tracking helps you keep detailed reports of security guard movements and patrols in case you need it for legal reasons.

Reports are another great feature available in these apps. This feature allows security guards to go paperless when it comes to reporting. Autofill and customized reports also reduce errors and save a lot of time. Reports are securely stored and sent to the appropriate source upon completion.

Patrol planning and scheduling made easy

The design of the mobile patrol app also enables management and scheduling. Managers can quickly create specific jobs and schedules and assign them to guards. This allows for quick action and avoids potential confusion. Quick changes are also possible if necessary.

You can also add notes for security guards, such as concerns or specific instructions from clients. These not only help improve service, but also reduce guard responsibility. Guards can pass shifts to others and can even attach reminders and their own notes.

These mobile apps also log guards in, record time clocks, and track time in the field to help improve accuracy. This allows managers to quickly view and approve multiple reports, saving time.

no need for audio cues

Mobile patrol apps offer vibrate or silent features for alerts and enable silent communication when needed. Useful for those who prefer Guards can silently send messages to other guards and her team members as needed.

Easy communication with clients

Security and patrol apps may also provide client-friendly portals and enable quick communication with clients. Clients can also view logs and traces to learn what security guards are doing.

GuardsPro Mobile Patrol App

If you’re looking for a feature-rich mobile patrol app that makes guards more efficient, productive and accountable, GuardsPro is the answer. A great app that can make life easier for both admins and security guards. The GuardsPro mobile patrol app can provide guards with many benefits that improve security services. For more information on GuardsPro, visit inquiry today.

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