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Which DAR Solution Would Be Best For Your Security Company?

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(DAR) or the previous method of daily activity reporting required filling out paperwork, which was filled with what security guards remembered about what happened during the day. This method often resulted in incidents being improperly filed, events misunderstood, and managers asking for information that security guards did not provide.

The dark ages of DAR have been revealed by the digitization of reports through spreadsheets and more intuitive security guard daily activity reporting software. This has greatly improved the way security companies manage their guards’ daily activity reports.

How do you decide which DAR solution is the best choice for your security company? Here are two key aspects to help you understand.

  1. Daily activity reports should be part of a larger whole. It cannot be a temporary solution.
  2. Reports should be easy to use for managers, security guards, and clients.

Daily activity report and security guard management

Report bread and butter is a daily activity report. They help keep routines running orderly and prevent larger incidents from happening.

DAR is part of a pragmatic approach to risk management that delivers value in the form of KPIs. KPIs also ensure that managers can assess proper security efforts. It helps shape better practices with actionable insights and provides holistic situational responsiveness across managed sites.

When looking for the best DAR solution, remember that all reports must return value (KPIs and risk management).

simple report

What good is digital reporting if it’s not easy? Not all digital reporting systems are the same. Using a digital version of his paper-based DAR is tempting, but it takes a lot more to have a comprehensive reporting experience.

For example, DARs can be configured to help regulate processes such as regulatory functions that require SOPs, guard responses, and reports to be issued.

Configuring a DAR helps administrators enforce standardized processes across all sites. Even with the same standard report requirements and fields, a single report allows security guards to answer the right questions.

With a simple DAR system, security guards will have a good experience without a steep learning curve. You will have access to modules that help ensure that security guards are following reporting procedures such as:

  • interaction with the public
  • Serious Incident Reporting
  • Listen and communicate to get the right information

Another advantage of having a DAR available is the ability to provide clients with transparency and accurate information in the form of automated reports.

What can we expect from DAR in 2022?

A technological shift towards remote capabilities and automation can improve overall operations. A security company’s daily operations are significantly improved with a DAR solution. DAR is an essential tool for proactive management. This gives you control over your operations and ultimately better visibility.

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