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What Qualities Make a Good Security Guard

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When you’re hiring security guards, you’re hiring them to serve a purpose. Their ability to successfully serve their purpose depends on their qualities. If you want very good security guard services, you need to hire the right individuals for the job. So what are the qualities of a good security guard? And what should you look for in applicants?


Honesty is the most important quality a security guard should have. You want a security guard who has a strong moral compass and will be honest with you. .


Concentration is essential for a good security guard. For proper property management, this is a necessary skill. Be aware that at times the shift may feel tedious as there is no action and the guards are just on the lookout. Officers may forget to guard their posts. That’s not what you want when you hire a security guard.

Boring days for security guards means your business is safe, but you don’t want them to be so comfortable that you lose focus. Don’t put the responsibility of protecting your business on someone who has trouble focusing.

social skills

Security guards typically interact with people a lot, so they need good social skills. If you lack social skills, you will be unable to prevent situations from spiraling out of control.

Hiring a guard with good social skills allows him to escalate bad situations. Having social skills also makes it easier for guards to investigate crimes and question suspects. .

physical strength

You need to find someone who can manage the physical side of the job. Screening applicants based on fitness can be difficult. It is also difficult to distinguish someone who is dishonest about her level of fitness. A good security company will screen before offering a service. So it’s comforting to know that security guards can handle the physical side of the job.

strong legal knowledge

Security guard candidates don’t have to have the same knowledge as a lawyer, but they should have a good knowledge of the law to do a better job.

You don’t want security guards breaking the law to protect your business. As such, you should look for applicants with a bit of a law enforcement background. Security guards with knowledge of the law may only be involved when necessary.

Good security brings peace of mind to your business as well as your employees. Both guests and employees will feel safer. This will make them even more attracted to your business.

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