Home News Crackdown at SF Safeway following shooting of security guard – KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco

Crackdown at SF Safeway following shooting of security guard – KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco

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A change of security at Safeway in the San Francisco Outer Mission is expected shortly after a security guard was shot and injured over the weekend.

Security guard DeOndre Walker was shot around 6 p.m. Saturday while trying to stop a shoplifter. The suspect was arrested, but Walker said he didn’t feel safe working at the store.

“When you come to work, you want to know that you are safe,” said Walker. “If I go outside, I’m afraid someone will hurt me, shoot me, or stab me.”

Neighborhood supervisor Asha Safay said she was working to crack down on rampant theft and violence in her stores.

He said residents can expect to see off-duty law enforcement soon.

Shortly after the KTVU crew arrived at the safeway on Wednesday evening, a customer who refused to give his name pointed to a man who had stolen detergents and other goods from the supermarket.

She said it happens often.

“They bring their own bags like this and fill their bags with groceries,” she said.

Last July, a woman was killed by a shoplifter at the same store and suffered life-threatening injuries.

Safari held virtual community meetings to address safety concerns. He said Safeway is seeking security help.

Safay said he is working with Safeway, Police and Sheriff departments to get off-duty law enforcement to provide security.

This is already being done at some businesses, such as the Ross store in the Potrero area, he said.

“Safeway is like the unofficial city hall of Excelsior, in that part of town. Everyone goes to that Safeway,” Safay said.

He added that he hopes to have off-duty law enforcement at the store within a week or two to proactively tackle brazen retail theft and violence.

“We have to have a strong response in the city. We have to support businesses. ‘ said Safai.

“If someone with some sort of power is standing there, I think it will change the situation for everyone around here.”

Walker said he welcomes help from law enforcement. He said he can’t even carry pepper spray.

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