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How To Cultivate Healthy Competition Among Security Guard Teams?

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On the one hand, promoting competition among guard teams can motivate them to perform at their best and increase their productivity. Encouraging competition between guard teams is therefore seen as a high-risk strategy, but it is also essential.

If you want to effectively implement this strategy in your security firm and maximize your profits, we’ve tried and tested several ways to promote healthy competition so you can strike the right tone effortlessly.

choose the right person

Hiring the right security guards can be difficult. The reason is that there are dozens of applicants competing for a single position.

Choosing the best one among them can be difficult. But remember, hiring the most competitive guards for your guard team isn’t the goal here.

Still, keep an eye out for applicants looking for competition. They may turn out to be your best future employees.

Use reward system

If everyone is competing to win, you need to make sure the rewards given to guards are reasonable. Given the competitive landscape, these rewards should make sense.

In some cases, it may be appropriate to reward the winner with a silly trophy for being the winner. However, sometimes more specific rewards are appropriate, such as leaving early on certain days or bonuses.

reward teamwork

When security team members work together, they often achieve more than any single security guard can achieve.

However, the problem with fostering competition between guard teams is that it can detract from the importance of teamwork.

First, it is important to encourage an attitude of teamwork within the security firm. Even when we are competing with each other, we need to remember the big picture and work towards it as a whole.

Recognize the best performer

Encouraging teamwork is great, but so is encouraging the best.

Rewarding everyone equally creates an environment in which security guards want to do the bare minimum.

Rewarding top performers actually helps promote teamwork and encourages others to learn from what top performers’ guards are doing right.

set clear goals

To promote healthy competition in security companies, it must be steered in the right direction. How?

Make sure every security team has a clear goal to work towards. Without it, security guard teams lose focus. They start wasting time and energy on the wrong things.

Don’t forget to check your progress at the end of the day. A regular review will help ensure you and your security team are on the right track.

discourage unhealthy behavior

In order for security guards to win the competition, there must be clearly and fairly enforced consequences if they start acting out of common sense and unethical.

To do that from the start, let them know that you will only be rewarded if your guard team wins fair and square.

Remember to communicate that unethical methods of winning the competition will not be tolerated.

give honest feedback

Know that security guards need both rewards and results to work well. But what else they need to do is give candid feedback.

Telling your guards when they’ve done well or missed their mark is the greatest gift you can give your guards, and it can also help improve their performance.

Encourage open communication

One of the first critical steps in promoting healthy competition in a security firm is creating a work environment that encourages open communication.

Not only are guards encouraged to share their views, security administrator Show that their opinions are respected. Therefore, we encourage guards to speak freely and respectfully.

Promote sound dispute resolution

Many security companies fear workplace conflicts because they fear that they will destroy the company’s environment and lead to a toxic work culture.

However, understand the fact that conflict is inevitable, especially when you have to make decisions that affect the company’s success.

So rather than trying to stifle disagreements, we need to focus on developing healthier approaches to conflict that lead to the best possible resolutions when conflict arises.

don’t force

Ultimately, it’s important to understand and accept the fact that competition in the workplace isn’t for every security guard team.

All security teams are made up of diverse individuals, so there is absolutely no chance of things going wrong.

One way to determine whether a competition will be successful is to understand the personality of each guard.

So how do you promote healthy competition between security guard teams?

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