Home News 'I am a performer at heart': Meet dancing 'security guard' who went viral with Tennessee Dance Team – KHOU.com

'I am a performer at heart': Meet dancing 'security guard' who went viral with Tennessee Dance Team – KHOU.com

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The crowd at the volunteer football game thought the “security guard” was interfering with the dance team, but what he did next made them laugh and cheer.

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — As Tennessee volunteers beat their Kentucky rivals on Saturday, tennessee dance team And a surprise guest gave the fans a big win.

The dancers were in the middle of a routine when a “security guard” appeared to get in the way. They were stunned when the man suddenly joined the team’s routine and showed off his own bump and grind.

It turns out that Michael Galeen is not a security guard. He is an aspiring actor and dancer. Both skills were useful on the sidelines on Saturday.

“I’m a performer at heart,” he told WBIR, our sister station in Knoxville.

The crowd was clearly annoyed when they thought he was in the way.

“And when it flipped, their reaction was just genuine shock and excitement,” Galene said.

Dance team posts video to TikTok and Instagramand they say the response was “overwhelming” and “exciting.”

A dance team coach came up with an idea and contacted Galene.

“I knew he would not only play the part, but he was a very talented dancer,” Taffazzoli said.

He learned every move and never missed a beat in the game.

“Seeing you bring joy to other people…and that’s one of my main goals every day. To make people smile,” Garyan said.

Now he can add a Tennessee dancer and security guard to his resume. a little.

“I actually worked the entire third quarter as a security guard,” says Galyean.

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