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I’m a lawyer – 3 mistakes to avoid if Walmart wrongly accuses you of stealing and tricks staff use to for… – The US Sun

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Lawyers have identified three key mistakes to avoid if you’re accused of stealing from Walmart.

Law firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates emphasized Retail company often faced with shoplifting Case.

Walmart is one of the nation's largest retailers with more than $400 billion in annual revenue, which entails a lot of shoplifting.


Walmart is one of the nation’s largest retailers with more than $400 billion in annual revenue, which entails a lot of shoplifting.Credit: Getty

Therefore, there is a large focus on loss prevention tactics.

One of these tactics is to hire covert uniformed security guards.

The company reportedly employs a number of security guards who work in plain clothes and often look like teenagers.

Additionally, the office revealed that Walmart uses multiple cameras at each store that can be zoomed in on and tracked down suspected shoplifters.

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A New York attorney shared some expert tips on what people can do in the state if they’re accused of shoplifting, but what the law firm shared is specific to New York law.

Some of the lawyer’s advice for New York Walmart also applies to other stores.

Tips can be very helpful if you are in a similar situation, but you should always consult a lawyer yourself.

be accused

Walmart security may legally detain you if they have reason to suspect you’ve shoplifted, the office said.

In most cases, undercover security guards at Walmart will confront you in the store or when you leave if you suspect shoplifting.

Security guards may see you hiding items or trying to leave the store without paying for the item before approaching you.

But if Walmart doesn’t have good reason to believe you’ve shoplifted, its security guards can’t legally detain you, the law firm informed.

Therefore, it is important to know your rights and not to blame yourself.


According to the New York law firm, Walmart stores in the area will call the police if they suspect someone has shoplifted items worth $25 or more.

Lawyers say staff will try to get you to sign a confession and a statement that you will never enter a Walmart or Sam’s Club property again.

This is an important note, as if you set foot on Walmart or Sam’s Club premises again after signing this statement, you could be arrested for trespassing.

Therefore, law firms advise against confessing to shoplifting or agreeing to stay off Walmart or Sam’s Club premises, whether verbally or in writing.

Security guards may also say they won’t call the police if they sign a confession or a document agreeing not to return to Walmart, but that’s also likely not true, the law firm said. has shared.

If the suspected stolen item is worth more than $25, a New York lawyer says Walmart has probably already called the police.


Reportedly, Walmart cannot hold you for an unreasonably long time in detaining you if you are suspected of shoplifting, the law firm said.

Walmart security pointed out that they can hold you long enough to investigate the incident or for the police to arrive.

“However, staff cannot postpone or delay contacting police without good reason,” the law firm said.

If the item you’re accused of stealing is less than $25 or if it’s a minor, security may not call the police. This is important to remember.

If you are a minor, Walmart will call your parents.

But if you’re an adult, a New York attorney said they’ll probably release you after getting your contact information if the item is under $25.

However, it is a mistake to think that it is acquittal.

A few days after the incident, Walmart will send you a letter demanding that you pay five times the value of the allegedly stolen goods, the law firm warned.

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Lawyers say that even if you’ve been detained or arrested for suspected stolen items worth more than $25, it doesn’t mean you’ve shoplifted or been convicted of shoplifting.

Law firms said there are often defenses that can be used to reduce or dismiss larceny charges.

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