Home News Security guard fatally shoots man and says brick was thrown in Baltimore Highlands on Monday – Baltimore Sun

Security guard fatally shoots man and says brick was thrown in Baltimore Highlands on Monday – Baltimore Sun

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A security guard shot and killed a man early Monday morning after an altercation in southeastern Baltimore, police said.

The security guard told the officer that he had thrown his weapon at him because he threw a brick at him.

Officers arrived on the 4000 block of East Lombard Street in the Baltimore Highlands neighborhood around 1:30 a.m. Monday.The 35-year-old victim was taken to a local hospital but was pronounced dead from his injuries. it was done.

Monday’s incident was the third shooting by security guards in the city in the past few weeks.

Police said Monday that a 26-year-old man who was shot by security guards at the Royal Farm on October 30 has died of his injuries.police arrest the guardKanisha Spence, 43, has been held without bail pending a court hearing on December 1.

According to the indictment, the man entered a store on the 1800 block of Washington Boulevard in Carroll Park, got into an argument and refused to leave. He briefly leaves the store after Spence threatens the man with a gun, but then returns.

According to police, while the man’s female companion was restraining him in the store’s front yard, Spence made his way towards the man and shot him in the head. He was hospitalized in serious condition and died the same day.

Spence told police she opened fire because a man lunged at her, according to accusation documents.

Police said she was the one who moved toward the victim before pulling the trigger, writing, “There was no other indication that she was afraid for her safety during this exchange.” .

early October, Security guard shoots man at CVS store in Harbor EastSecurity guards told officers the man was trying to steal merchandise from a store on the 600 block of Exeter Road.

When a security guard confronted the man, he brandished a syringe. In that case, no pricing has been announced.

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