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Six Businesses that Must Have Security Guards

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Valued at over $50 billion, the country’s security services industry is one of the most profitable sectors. Businesses often detract from the importance of hiring professional security guard services, and end up paying far more than security guard fees.

Also, you may not be aware that commercial properties are more exposed to security risks than multifamily homes.

That’s why we’ve created a list to help you avoid making the same mistakes in the industry. Below are six business industries where professional security guards should be hired for their commercial properties.

financial institution

With high-tech security tools and protocols deployed in financial institutions such as banks, the need for security guards cannot be ignored. Security guards stationed inside and outside the bank help prevent unfortunate events.

Retail stores and shopping malls

According to some estimates reported in 2019, Retail store theft exceeded $68 billionThat’s a lot more than what American companies are paying to upgrade their security. Hire security guards now to protect your retail store from loss due to employee theft and shoplifting.

Hotel and hospitality business

In the hospitality industry, especially large multi-chain hotels, it is difficult to keep track of crowds coming and going. Especially for hotels that receive more guests than usual, such as the holiday season, it is essential to have temporary security guards to supplement the permanent staff. Protect your staff, guests, and property with the help of professional guard services.

Security guard standing outside hotel entrance

educational institution

Given the recent spike in school violence, it’s time for the education industry to upgrade its security. Hiring security guards immediately is important to ensure that students, staff and faculty are protected on school and college grounds.

Construction site

You may not know it, but construction sites are full of machines, equipment, and documents that need to be kept safe. If you run a construction site, having a trained security guard patrol her facility around the clock can prevent many unforeseen accidents.

medical facility

A hospital is the last place you can think that something is going wrong. But in reality, hospitals are highly vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and petty crime. To ensure the protection of patients, hospital staff, property and equipment in medical facilities, it is imperative to hire a security guard service.

hire security guards in usa

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