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7 Shopping Mall Security Problems You Should Know About

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Shopping malls attract people of all ages. They come shopping for clothing, food, groceries, other goods, and entertainment. Modern shopping malls are typically one-stop-shops for customers, offering a variety of products ranging from retail stores to restaurants/food courts, movie theaters, bowling alleys, arcades, and more.

As such, shopping mall security must ensure the safety of patrons, employees, merchandise, and property. If you are a mall owner, vendor, employee, or regular customer, you should know about mall security issues and why. hire a mall security guard is very important.

7 shopping mall security issues you should know about

To help you understand the importance of mall security guards, here are seven mall security issues that every mall owner, vendor, and patron should be aware of.

1. Shoplifting and theft

Shoplifting and theft are the biggest risks to mall security. Shopping malls are crammed with goods and goods, making them a favorite place for petty criminals and thieves. Of course, serious and tough criminals may also be interested in high-value items such as jewelry and expensive electronics found in malls.

Security cameras and locked glass cases help keep things in check, but criminals can easily circumvent these systems. Mall security guards are needed in the first place to deter criminal behavior and monitor suspicious activity.

Given that theft is the number one challenge for shopping malls, it’s always a good idea to have a comprehensive security service in place.

2. Vandalism

Vandalism is another common problem with shopping mall security. Especially since such establishments attract a lot of young people. Congested public spaces such as shopping malls are even more vulnerable to vandalism.

This is because low visibility, increased distractions, and a lack of attention create an ideal environment for trolls to launch their exploits. Tagging, or break the mall property. Without tight security, shopping malls face unnecessary spending during busy periods.

However, mall security guards are highly trained not only to deter vandalism at malls, but to observe crowds for suspicious groups and activity. and make it easier to immediately detain a suspect if one occurs.

3. Violent crime

Because malls are public places where anyone can drop in, they are susceptible to very violent crimes such as mass shootings and other acts of domestic terrorism. While this rarely happens, it is still a threat to mall security.

Gunmen and terrorists may engage densely populated areas such as movie theaters and food courts. This is where highly trained mall security guards not only spot and deal with threats, but also keep their cool to guide patrons and employees to safety.

They are also trained to escalate matters in such highly stressful situations should a situation unfold before their eyes. It may help save many lives in the process.

4. Public Argument

It is not uncommon for shopping mall visitors, customers, and employees to get into heated arguments and fights. Such public altercations are to be expected in crowded public spaces. So mall security guards usually have protocols in place to keep an altercation from escalating and to remove or detain a suspect if it gets out of hand.

However, this is only possible with effective mall security guards who are trained and experienced in such matters. They should have good communication skills, escalation training, and physical fitness to eliminate or detain multiple suspects.

For the most part, experienced guards don’t need force of any kind because they know exactly how to solve problems between people without escalating them. are well equipped and trained to deal with

5. Unauthorized Intrusion

Shopping malls typically have multiple entrances, making it easier for a large number of people to access the facility from different locations. However, this introduces another common shopping mall security issue: unauthorized entry.

Multiple entrances also make it easier for criminals to enter and exit the mall unnoticed. Things can get even worse when criminals gain access to staff and cargo doorways.

Mall security guards can completely eliminate unauthorized entry from within the premises. You can check for suspicious activity, materials and people to keep criminals out of the house at all times.

6. Lost dependents

Big malls can get lost, especially for first-time visitors. While this is not a big problem for most adults, it can be overwhelming when dependents such as children and the elderly get lost in a large crowd.

But uniformed mall security guards can be of great help in such situations. They are also great at identifying adults.

They can actively look out for children and older people who appear frightened or alone. If you find a missing dependent, you can quickly help reunite them with their family through security surveillance and speaker systems within the mall.

Similarly, if a parent or family member reports a missing person or child, the mall security team will have protocols in place to ensure that the missing person or child does not leave the premises.

7. Parking issues

Threats to shopping mall security often occur outside the mall itself, in parking lots. Criminals and scammers often lurk in mall parking lots to take advantage of patrons and their vehicles.

They can break into cars, break into families of thieves, and scam people entering and leaving their cars. Large parking lots are notorious for physical and sexual assaults, especially at night.

Mall security guards can patrol parking lots to mitigate such criminal activity. They can keep an eye out for suspicious activity and even catch and detain suspects for law enforcement. sometimes even go.

final thoughts

These seven shopping mall security issues pose a threat to mall owners, vendors, employees, and patrons alike. Ranging from petty crimes and altercations to acts of terrorism, mall security offers comprehensive solutions for them all.

This is why every shopping mall should hire trained and experienced personnel mall security guard to protect their premises.

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