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8 Factors You Need to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Security Service Provider

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Looking for a commercial security service provider for your building? You have to work hard before you hire people enterprise security company Protect your employees and customers with peace of mind. However, it is not so easy to ask a patrol security company. Fortunately, however, there are some characteristics that help judge the quality and efficiency of a security company.

Here’s how to choose a security company to protect your business premises.

Get recommendations and references

Security companies look great on paper and on their website, but reputation, references, and positive reviews are their real strength. Therefore, ask potential security companies for references you can contact to learn more about the quality and scope of the services they offer.

You can also do some digging online and dig into online customer reviews. Also, ask business owners and friends who have hired or worked with security companies for recommendations.

communication and professionalism

Even if you choose a security company that provides excellent security services, if the personnel are unprofessional and lack communication skills and procedures, you will not be satisfied with the service or results. So watch how the security company communicates with you.

If they are unprofessional and do not answer the phone well, it is unlikely that your experience with them will improve after having them as your official security partner.

Certification and training

When hiring a new security and policing service, check the certifications and training of the company’s security team and personnel. Security jobs and their details are not easy as they require a certain amount of integrity, the ability to work under pressure. Attention to detail and considerable vigilance.

A team that has the above characteristics, is appropriately certified and trained, and can deliver Improve security services to customers and make workplaces as safe as possible. A security guard who is not trained to respond effectively and professionally in an emergency is the last thing you want.

Reputation and company history

Check the company’s reputation, as any reputable security company has a long-standing reputation within the community. And choosing a company that doesn’t have a long history with customers and communities in the area, or who doesn’t have time to set up a company or demonstrate expertise, is very risky because you don’t know the quality of their service. is.

A security guard wearing sunglasses and a card around his neck

Check suggestions

One of the first steps in hiring a potential security firm is to request a proposal based on your requirements and needs. The security company will not put anything other than suggestions. So be smart and ask for as much detailed documentation as possible.

A proposal request can ask questions such as:

  1. Payment terms
  2. start date
  3. Contract term (term based or continuous)
  4. Client monitoring
  5. uniform
  6. insurance requirements
  7. equipment requirements
  8. Disciplinary action (dismissal, transfer, etc.)
  9. security guard training requirements
  10. Flow of guard selection
  11. Coverage of holidays/events
  12. special schedule
  13. Supervisor inspection procedure
  14. coverage time
  15. Number of posts

Scrutinize and analyze each aspect of the requested proposals received. You can also ask an attorney or insurance agent to review it, as requested in your initial request for proposal, to ensure that all your security needs are met.

Ask about the history of staffing

Ideally, you need a dedicated team of security guards like a personal staff assignment. However, this is not possible with many security companies. Due to the variable hours and rotating staff, the organization has many guards.

If you need a dedicated team, research the staffing capabilities and history of potential security firms to determine turnover. Higher rates indicate staff satisfaction and competence, and guards with longer tenure typically provide better security services.

Person wearing headphones and security uniform

Inquire about Supervision Policy

Potential guard and security services should provide details of how they are intended to monitor and maintain the quality of service at their premises. A dedicated supervisor should visit the building on a regular basis to ensure that the highest level of service is maintained.

Also, ask about the details of the Overseer’s inspection, and understand that the Overseer is not just there to give you a quick glance at the security system. Ask about the supervisor’s training, experience, and qualifications, as she will work closely with her onsite security and management team.

Good bosses are generally experienced and respected members of security firms. Because they have invested in their security team and have a strong chain of command established all the way to the top of the company.

Additional Precautions to Address

Looking for the ideal security company hides some of the finer points. Before hiring a commercial security service provider, there are a few questions to answer.

  1. What is your company’s policy when a security guard misses a shift? Will you provide a timely replacement to make up for an absent employee?
  2. Do you have any opinions on the uniforms of security guards?
  3. What is the security company’s personal and drug testing policy?
  4. Are all security guards fluent in the languages ​​they are required to speak on the premises?
  5. How much notice do I need to provide for additional security at my facility?

A police officer wearing a neon jacket watching the crowd on a busy street

Looking for quality security and patrol services?

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