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Bangkok: Security guard 'stabbed boss to death for bullying him' – Metro.co.uk

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Sawat Sriratchalao, 44, wearing a green T-shirt, has been accused of fatal attacks (Photo: ViralPress)

A security guard allegedly stabbed his boss to death for “making him work long hours and abusing him.”

Sawat Sriratchalao (44) was arrested for pulling out a 33 cm knife on Arom Bunnan (56).

He was allegedly driven to launch attacks in central Bangkok after being “bullied” by his superiors.

“I was angry with my boss for a long time. Thinking about him made me stressed and sometimes I couldn’t sleep,” she told police after her arrest.

“He bullied me and was harsh with me all the time. His words were still in my head when I got home.

CCTV is said to show Mr Banan begging for mercy in a parking lot at Lumpini Park on February 1.

Sriracha Rao (center in green T-shirt) was allegedly driven to mount the attack after being “bullied” by his boss (Photo: ViralPress)
CCTV shows footage of violence in Bangkok (Photo: ViralPress)

A passerby intervenes and pries the two apart as the attacker thrusts a knife into his chest.

The suspect is believed to have fled on a bicycle, and Mr. Bannan fell to his knees.

The victim was taken to hospital but died from a stab wound to the left side of his chest.

Sriracha Rao was taken into custody after officers tracked him down at his home. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of murder.

Thailand retains the death penalty for murder, but it is carried out only sporadically.

Victim died from a stab wound to the left chest (Photo: ViralPress)

Furious worker Sriracha Rao claims he was forced to work long hours and endured frequent verbal abuse from Bunan.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Buddawiro said: “Evidence shows the suspect killed his boss with a knife.

“He planned the attack, so prosecutors charged the case with murder.”

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