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Proven Ways To Reduce No-Shows Using Guardso Guard Tour Software

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Efficient guard scheduling is at the heart of all security operations. But when security guards don’t show up, it becomes a major source of frustration for both security companies and clients who rely on security guard services. There are simple and effective ways to reduce no-shows.

Read here 5 Guardso guard tour software tips to help security guard companies reduce no-shows.

establish a policy

Having a written policy seems like the most logical solution when it comes to security guard schedules, and it definitely is. Security guards are less likely to skip shifts when they know their security company has a no-show policy. Allow security guards to authorize them. Guardso Mobile Patrol App.

Offer flexibility in your schedule

Move security guard scheduling to cloud-based software. This not only allows security managers to streamline the scheduling of security guards, but also allows them to choose the shifts they want to work. The Open Shift feature of Guardso Guard Tour software is specifically designed to help you maintain work-life balance by giving you the flexibility you need.

Send shift reminder

Note that some security guards may not show up for their shift just because they forgot they have a shift. That’s why it’s important to have an effective strategy to help remind you. In fact, all you need is the Guardso guard tour software, which you can use to send automatic reminders to your guards every time before your shift starts.

schedule aggressively

Every security company has one security guard who shows up late for all site tours at any given time. Instead of punishing him or repeating this pattern, the client can choose to actively manage the schedule of the site security guards.using security guard scheduler Guardso guard tour software allows you to see your shifts in advance with guards, swap shifts, view schedules, and even request time off online.

Skill-Based Schedule

When security tour software lets you schedule security guards based on their skill sets, what are you waiting for? The degree is improved and no-shows are greatly reduced.

How do you reduce security company no-shows?

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