Home News Detailed timeline: Murder charges filed against man accused of gunning down security guard outside of Club Onyx, HPD says – KPRC Click2Houston

Detailed timeline: Murder charges filed against man accused of gunning down security guard outside of Club Onyx, HPD says – KPRC Click2Houston

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houston Authorities have identified and charged a man who shot dead a security guard who intervened in an altercation between a suspect and a woman outside a gentlemen’s club in Houston’s popular Richmond neighborhood, according to Houston police.

Anthony Glenn Jones, 24, has been charged with murder in the death of 32-year-old Delaunte Maxie.

Jones allegedly shot and killed a security guard outside Club Onyx on the 3100 block of Bering Drive on September 14.

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According to HPD, Onyx has installed extensive, high-definition surveillance cameras in multiple locations on and around its premises, and the footage has been released to detectives. A video, part of which was released, shows the key moments leading up to the fatal shooting.


(The details below are in order in court documents by investigators from the Houston Police Department.)

1:05 am – A white Ford Fusion with two women arrives at the club. The woman parks in the parking lot, goes through security and pays.

One of the women wore a white shirt, purple shorts, and had a red purse.

1:59 am – A black Jeep Truck Hawk arrives at the club and parks in the parking space opposite the front door. Police noted that the Jeep Truckhawk is relatively rare, has a 700-horsepower engine and costs about $95,000.

Jones is seen exiting the driver’s side of the vehicle wearing a red tank top and red shorts. rice field. Jones stands in front of the club for several minutes before being seen wearing a black hoodie with white lettering on the front and back.

A woman dressed in white and purple who arrived earlier goes outside to meet Jones. Surveillance footage shows that she gave him some money before returning inside.

2:05 am – A black Chevy Silverado LTZ arrives at the club and the driver joins Jones. Silverado’s driver wore a black “Black Panther” T-shirt and dark pants.

2:08 am – Two men were observed queuing to enter the club and being beaten by security before being allowed entry. The man says he goes to a table with two women and stays with them until he leaves.

2:38 am – The group exits the club and the women walk to their cars, followed by Jones and Silverado drivers.

2:39 am – Jones and the woman in purple shorts start arguing. The woman gets into the passenger side of the white car and closes Jones’ window. Jones begins banging on the window.

2:42 am – Guard Maxie walks up and starts talking to Jones. Jones shakes him off. Maxie walks away.

2:44 am – The women drive off in a white car, and Jones returns to the jeep. Surveillance video shows Jones arguing with another security guard before pulling a rifle out of the jeep. He shows the guard the weapon, but returns to his car.

2:47 am – I see Jones driving. He turns south on Bering his drive then west on Richmond his avenue and is chased by a friend in a black Silverado.

2:50 am– The Jeep drives back to the club, followed by the Silverado. Maxie walks a foot or two down the street where the Jeep made his U-turn.

2:51 am -The Jeep pauses on the road and a large single muzzle blast is seen from the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Shot in the chest, Maxie falls to the ground. He was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Police found 7.62 x 39 ammunition at the scene.

September 15th – Jones was stopped by the Dallas Police Department. He was driving his Hawk in a black jeep that was reported stolen from Houston on September 12th. A search found drugs and his 7.62 x 39 ammunition in the stolen vehicle.

Jones was incarcerated in the Dallas County Jail and charged with illegal possession of a weapon, motor vehicle misuse, resisting arrest/search or transport, and possession of marijuana.

Investigators have linked the unique Jeep arrested in Dallas to the Maxie murder investigation in Houston.

A reserved photo of Maxie from the Dallas County Jail was given to HPD investigators who were able to match Maxie to someone on Club Onyx’s surveillance footage.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office accepted the indictment against Jones and named him responsible for Maxie’s death.

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