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10 Legit Reasons Why Good Security Guards Quit

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A good security guard is the most valuable internal asset a security company can have. After all, they are the ones who drive the company to achieve the ultimate goal of providing the highest quality security guard services to their customers. Therefore, it is in the security company’s best interests to retain good security guards and recognize the signs and causes that guards are about to depart.

Here are some of the reasons why good security guards leave security companies:

very poor management

In many cases, it’s not money that causes good security guards to leave security firms, it’s poor management. Highly skilled security guards start looking for work elsewhere where they feel their skills and time are valued and respected.

So take the time to train security managers to address the technical aspects of their positions, to encourage and motivate different types of security guards with different personality traits, conflict management, stress management, etc. Please tell me how.

Lack of work-life balance

Do you think your top performing security guards are available 24 hours a day? If yes, keep that in mind. A healthy work-life balance is essential to job satisfaction. Security managers need to understand that security guards have lives outside of work, and that can be just as difficult.

To ensure that, encourage your guards to set boundaries. Plus, flexible schedules, online vacation requests, the ability to swap shifts, and more. Reliable guard tour system Help security guards maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Lack of Respect and Recognition

When a good security guard’s hard work ends up without recognition or reward, they can become disillusioned and demoralized. When talented and good security guards see little or no success, their enthusiasm dies. So try to find a new job elsewhere. And why shouldn’t it?

Therefore, managers should make it a priority to not only thank security guards, but to show them outward respect on a regular basis. It helps create a strong and lasting work culture in which security guards have positive experiences they will never forget.

Uncompetitive salary and benefits

Keeping great security guards happy, fulfilled, productive, and engaged in their future is worth the effort, but without competitive pay and benefits. , it doesn’t come true. In particular, he said, due to COVID-19 and its economic impact, there is uncertainty in the world and in the workplace, so everyone wants security and reliable coverage.

So, to keep good security guards on board, consider offering them raises, bonuses, and rewards to thank them for their work and show them care for you and your security guard company.

Lack of growth opportunities

Believe it or not, one of the most common reasons good security guards start looking for new jobs is the lack of growth opportunities. One of the best ways to improve security guard turnover and retention is to ensure that your company offers a career with a successful trajectory.

We do so by providing additional training and skills development, and by providing them with opportunities to engage with new people and help them accept their newly expanded responsibilities.

low job satisfaction

Another major reason why good security guards leave their jobs to look for other opportunities is that they no longer enjoy their job, feel unsatisfied with their current job situation, feel useless, and are appreciated. in case.

To retain your best employees, purposefully design employee roles and assign day-to-day activities using the guard tour system. Discuss their concerns and thoughts. Make sure you have the support and tools you need to make it challenging, engaging, and responsible.

lack of communication

Lack of communication is also the reason why good security guards decide to retire. Successful businesses must use the principles of ethical and positive communication to defuse arguments, resolve problems, share critical data, and keep chaos away from the inner workings of a company. .

Guardso guard tour system Its various features play a key role in ensuring everyone is on the same page, resulting in consistent success. Paying is important.

toxic work culture

Workplace culture is not clearly defined and enforced from the top down, but often evolves naturally over time. But that doesn’t mean you and your security company can’t guide it along the way for security guards and managers.

If you fail to infuse your security company with the values ​​that drive motivation, trust, and collaboration, you are less likely to retain good security guards who embody these traits.

they are not challenged

Top performers get demotivated quickly when they are not challenged at work. They are the ones who thrive on striving for goals and being pushed outside their comfort zone.

Set a goal they want to achieve and they will work hard to achieve it. On top of that, creating a stimulating work environment will enable the best security guards to thrive.

they are overworked

With good security guards, it’s easy to fall into the pattern of going over schedule and giving them extra work. To avoid it at all costs, you need to find a balance between extra work and overwork.

There’s a big difference between giving jobs to good security guards because they’re the best, and constantly piling up extra work. For a top performer, there is nothing more frustrating than being constantly given extra work because a colleague couldn’t complete it.


There are a number of reasons why good security guards from reputable security companies quit, but rewarding good work with appropriate compensation, benefits, and recognition creates an environment that lets them know they are valued. It helps you grow.

Finally, incorporating robust retention strategies can help reduce security guard turnover and help retain good security guards. Just make a small change to make it work. So when do you start?

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