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How Guardso Security Patrol System Ensures The Safety Of Your Guards?

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After all, if your organization’s primary concern with security guards isn’t getting them home safely. You need to update your priority list. It is more important than ever to have a robust security patrol system in place to ensure the safety of all staff, especially guards stationed in remote patrol sites.

In the past, security companies were forced to rely on paper reports and had to monitor by radio, but that is no longer the case. As a key feature, he introduced the Guardso security patrol system with GPS tracking, thus addressing the challenge of keeping guards safe on the job head-on. Here’s everything you need to know to make a difference and meet security industry safety standards.

1. GPS tracking in real time

GPS live tracking is one of the most frequently highlighted features of security patrol systems. As a private patrol company, did you know that security guard tracking systems play a vital role in ensuring the safety of your security guards on site? You can track your location. Automated with live mobile app notifications, you can easily identify skipped checkpoints on your patrol route and make sure your guards are all okay.

2. Checkpoint with automatic notification

Similarly, guard checkpoint systems can also be created along routes to track guard processes and safety with the help of the Guardso security patrol system. Automatic notifications are sent when guards reach and scan checkpoints, or even if guards fail to show up on time. The same can help guards respond in time to save their lives when they may get into serious trouble.

3. Video recording on the go

Can video recording play an important role in improving the safety of security guards? Yes, of course. Taking advantage of this readily available technology can even prevent workers from facing legal troubles in the event of a dispute. How? Imagine a security guard encounters an intruder with no other witnesses.

Having a smartphone with Guardso’s mobile patrol app installed can be a lifesaver in such critical situations.

  • It helps him summon outside help to precise locations, reducing the need for assumptions by private patrol companies.
  • Even better, if the nature of the incident or how security personnel responded to it is questionable, everything can be videotaped to help resolve critical issues.

In the absence of proper evidence, this type of situation often escalates into a lengthy legal battle. Using the Guardso security patrol system with additional features such as watch mode logs, incident reports, and tracking history can transform these scenarios.

Video recordings, surveillance mode logs, and incident reports may be more than sufficient to protect both private patrol companies and guards if guards respond to situations required by rules and regulations. .

4. Live message and panic button

Live messaging may not seem like a safety feature to the Guardso security patrol system, but think again. Security guards can use this feature to contact fellow security guards as well as managers at the same post site in real time. You are not allowed to share your details to inform others, but in an emergency, the same information can be used to provide your location.

Panic button introduced in Guardso 6.0s Mobile Patrol App Update Designed to ensure the safety of security guards working at post sites. All the guards need to do is press and hold the button and they can activate and deactivate it as needed. This ensures that not only admins, but also other guards checking in on the same posting site will be notified immediately and will be able to provide the help they need immediately.

5. Increased credibility and transparency

Available for both Android and iOS, Guardso’s mobile patrol app can help keep both guards and clients safe while ultimately improving efficiency.

Security guards can install it on their smartphones and use it anywhere, anytime on their posting sites to see attendance, scheduled site tours, orders, reports, live locations of other security guards, and more. You can view live reports shared by security guards and live location on the post site if desired.

So let your private patrol company and the Guardso security patrol system work together to create a better tomorrow.

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