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Metrics That’ll Help Enhance Your Reputation As Security Guard Company

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As a market player, what you understand is implied. security company Directly linked to brand value. And great brands come from building great reputations. A good reputation is an asset that doesn’t show up on your balance sheet but adds value to any property on your books.

Apart from the quantitative criteria used to measure business results and growth, you should define some metrics that you can use to measure and strengthen your reputation as a security company. However, reputation is not built in a day. It requires continuous and deliberate effort. So before defining metrics to boost your business reputation, make sure they are SMART.

S- definite
M- measurable
A- reachable
R- related
T- sensitive to time

Reputation affects the business on the client side, so you need to see the business from the client’s perspective. Now let’s take a look at the top metrics that help security companies.

1. Customer retention rate

More than the number of current clients, the length of time they choose to work with you reflects the quality of your service and the efficiency of your security guard management. and how well they are being addressed and in what timeframe they will be notified of regular reports of incidents or problems in the field.

with security patrol system Allow clients to access real-time reports and provide feedback. This makes clients happier, more likely to stay in business longer, and more likely to receive referrals. This will create more business based on the services currently offered.

2. Security patrol system Already used

Still using a pager? No rights. So why stick with outdated ways of managing work? Choosing smart technology. Using a security guard management system like Guardso ensures you’re ahead of the game, allowing you to focus on improving your service instead of wasting time sorting out tons of paperwork.

How you manage your business matters to your prospects. Security guard management efficiency reflects how efficiently you manage your services. Being a technically sound business creates a positive outlook for security companies.

3. Trained guards and guard turnover

Smart clients always choose a security company that can provide trained guards who can handle chaos, armed or not. Besides giving clients peace of mind, training also boosts security guard morale.

Security guards perform very well when they are on the job. A security patrol system allows security her managers to track that activity and rewards them based on their performance. This reduces turnover of security guards and eliminates shortages of staffing requirements.

4. Risk management strategy

Risk management strategies come into play in times of crisis. How a security firm manages risk and communicates critical information to immediate stakeholders in real time is critical to security guards and clients.

All parties should have a clear idea of ​​what must be done in the event of a disruption to minimize damage. You can be assured that your property is safe. This is important. A company that values ​​its employees and customers equally creates an impeccable reputation in the long run.

Five. reaction time

How quickly and clearly you can respond to Mayday can mean the difference between building credibility for your service or smashing your reputation. With state-of-the-art security patrol systems such as Guardso, guards are never stranded and dispatchers can call nearby officers whenever a stranded officer needs outside assistance. increase.

This ensures your safety as all guards are always trackable and your mobile patrol app is equipped with a panic button to call for help in case of distress. After all, if a security guard is injured on duty, this doesn’t paint a very good picture for business.


A good reputation not only helps you when making sales pitches, but it also helps you keep current clients engaged and serves as a foundation for expanding and growing your business.

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