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Murdered Allied Security guard laid to rest – TT Newsday

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Goodbye: The family of slain security guard Jeffrey Peters, including son Jeffrey Jr. (left), daughter Jenique, and wife Amanda Behari Singh, stand in front of his coffin during Monday’s funeral. Photo by SUREASH CHOLAI –

Reverend Clive Dottin never chopped words when he officiated Monday’s funeral for murdered security guard Jeffrey Peters, delivering a scathing message to corrupt officials and governments about rising crime. did.

Peters, 51, and his colleague Jerry Stuart were shot dead during an attempted robbery near the Pennywise Supercenter in La Romain on September 19.

Addressing Peters’ funeral at Mount Dole Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Dottin held the blame on past and present governments for their failure to significantly curb crime.

Dottin is aware of the dangers security guards face on the job and has knocked several companies out over their treatment of these workers.

Citing the number of homicides so far this year, which stood at 446 as of Monday, Dottin warned officials that the annual number of homicides will continue to rise without proper action.

“To be frank with you, I think there are more private security guards on the endangered species list than police and soldiers, and of course Jews are among them.

“But the civilian guards… Lord, have mercy. Sometimes they are paid very low wages and asked to make the greatest sacrifices.

“By the way, I don’t want to be accused of attacking anyone, but some of our capitalists have no heart.

Dottin turned his attention to the government and said it was not encouraging that corruption continued to exist and thrive.

Referring to previous statements by Leslie Moses, president of the Southern Caribbean Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Dottin said that past and present governments appear incapable of dealing with crime and violence.

“A lawless and undisciplined country cannot fight crime.

“One of our parties is badly corrupted and the other party is highly corrupted.

“This country is corrupt, this country is bloodthirsty and, as someone said, some of our leaders are utterly ignorant.

“Some can be part of the problem and not part of the solution.”

Referring to security camera footage of the robbery, Dottin also said that Peters’ killer appears to have experience in using powerful weapons. I wondered how a young man could use such a weapon so skillfully.

Carlos Guy, one of Peters’ longtime friends, said in his tribute that while it was difficult to accept his friend’s death, it was a wake-up call for security firms to provide their employees with better equipment and vehicles. I hope to serve as

He said that while employers benefit from their workers, they should be more than happy to equip their guards with life-saving materials.

In a tribute, Peters’ brother Devon Goodridge said he was encouraged by the support he received from family and friends, but hoped the promises made during the funeral would be kept, and that the mourners urged him not to forget Peters’ family.

Peters was buried in Tunapuna Public Cemetery.

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