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'The times have changed' | The K Street Shootout, six months later – ABC10.com KXTV

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Six months after the deadly K Street shooting in downtown Sacramento, members of the community there reflect on how nightlife has changed.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Six people have been killed and 12 injured six months after the deadly K Street shootout in downtown Sacramento.

Security guard and podcaster Wynton Griffiths said: “These circumstances are very tragic. Very tragic. ‘Changed. Times have changed.’

On the night of the shooting, when a club-goer filmed a completely unrelated fight in the same area, gunshots suddenly rang out in the background.

Fistfights and barfights are one thing, but guns are in the mix too often these days. Since the April 3 shootout, two more deadly shootings have occurred in downtown and midtown business areas.

“The atmosphere hasn’t changed. People are afraid. People are afraid to go out,” Griffiths said.

Voice of the Youth’s Berry Accius was there when ABC10 first arrived on the scene that morning.

“My heart goes out to the families who are still suffering,” Accius told ABC10 six months later, continuing his search for answers.

“I keep saying, ‘Okay, cool. You’re doing this, but what’s the long-term behavior? It’s like putting a band-aid on the cancer. The cancer has already spread.’ Yes. What do you do with it?” said Acius.

Griffiths said the city should deploy more police forces on K Street and other nightlife areas at night as a deterrent. He also said it’s important for bar and club-goers to clear the sidewalks immediately after a night out.

“Whatever this recent change is, why people are doing this, we need to fix it and turn it around. ASAP.” Griffiths said.

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