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Revisiting DC’s stories of 2022: From lightning strike to I-95 meltdown – The Washington Post

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When Fredrick Miller bought a house two years ago in the Southern Virginia community he grew up in, he had no idea how much it would change his life. And he had no idea how much it had already shaped it.

Immediately after purchasing Gretna’s house, Miller and his extended family learned that it was a former plantation that was once home to at least 58 slaves. After digging deep into census and court records, the family made another surprising discovery. Their great-grandmother, Sarah Miller, was born to her parents who were enslaved in Sherswood.

A few days after their article was published in January, Fredric Miller was contacted by 60 Minutes. 2 part episode which was broadcast in May.

The months since the story unfolded have been emotional, Miller said in a recent interview. “This story gives a lot of people like me the hope of knowing a little more about our ancestors.”

In November, Miller returned to Virginia from California to get closer to the property. Restored slave hut.

Earlier this year, the family discovered an overgrown graveyard as part of a former farm site. There, rocks are used as tombstones for dozens of graves. The place Miller believes is where his ancestors and other slaves of Sherswood were buried.

“I have a vision to bring it back to a place of dignity,” he said.

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