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“True Hero” Eli Dicken Cleared of Charges, Praised by Police | An … – America's 1st Freedom

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No charges will be filed against Elisjsha Dicken, the 22-year-old armed citizen who stopped a mass murderer at a mall in Indiana earlier this year.

The announcement is Press conference On December 21, Greenwood Police Chief James Ison released new details about the perpetrators and hailed Dicken as a “true hero.”

Of the shooters, Ison painted the familiar picture of a sociopathic loner who was estranged from his family and had a record of juvenile delinquency. There has been a spiraling history of online obsession with.

A former girlfriend who said she wasn’t surprised to learn of the killing described previous abusive behavior from this person, including putting a gun in her mouth during an argument. I said I would take him.others around him reportedly He “joked” that he was a “school shooter type”. The FBI received information about his account online in 2019, but did not find its owner.

In particular, when discussing mass murderers online, Murderers previously wrote that mass murderers choose places where armed citizens cannot travel. Easy targets,” the individual wrote.

Three months before the act, the killer purchased two AR-15 rifles and ammunition, according to police reports. A month before his murder, he had quit his job and had been forced to evict him because his father had stopped supporting him financially. Shortly before the murder, he disabled the apartment’s smoke detector and burned the laptop inside an oven with a butane tank. (Police speculate that this may have been an attempt to deflect public safety responses.) An hour before the killing, the killer held his gun to his head and said, “It’s a good day to die.” I posted a picture of myself saying,

The killer then packed both rifles, four loaded magazines and a handgun into his backpack, walked to the Greenwood Park Mall and went straight to the food court restroom. He spent an hour on activities like searching for ex-girlfriends online, using public Wi-Fi in bathrooms. Shortly before the mall closed, the killer dropped his cell phone in the bathroom and emerged from the bathroom at 5:56 p.m. and started shooting people. The first person he encountered, Victor Gomez, also happened to be hiding that day, but was ambushed at point-blank range and never stood a chance. The gunman then opened fire on nearby diners Pedro and Rosa at his pinedo before indiscriminately firing at Hood on his coat.

One person who was in danger of being shot was Elisha Dicken.

Dicken had come to the food court for dinner with his girlfriend and was sitting next to a pillar and a trash can. At the moment of the gunshot, Dicken pushed his girlfriend to the ground, pulled out a Glock 19, leaned into a trash can, and opened fire at 42 yards. At this distance, Dicken fired his four shots and hit the murderer twice.

The wounded killer retreated towards the restroom, rifle still in hand. Dicken closed to within 20 yards and shot four more shots at the killer. The killer began to collapse, but was having trouble reaching the bathroom. Concerned about the possibility of further carnage, Dicken closed to about 25 feet and fired two more times. The criminal fell and did not move.

An unarmed mall security guard came running. Dicken told the guards what had happened, who intercepted and explained to the arriving officers.

“There is no doubt that Eli Dicken saved so many lives that night,” Chief Ison told reporters. “He is a true hero.”

America’s first freedom To find out more about the Greenwood Mall hero, we caught up with Eli’s attorney, Guy Relford, as he was recovering Eli’s handgun from police custody.

“Eli is a bit shy, a really hardworking American,” Relford explains. “He’s someone who doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. He’s doing a very good job as an auto mechanic. He’s got a girlfriend he loves. He wants to get back to his pre-shooting life.” knows that he saved a life, and is grateful for the admiration and gratitude he’s earned, and at the same time, he still struggles with the idea that a human life has been taken. For someone who cares, that’s a big deal, and he’s still working on it.”

Did he have any special training? “Zero,” says Relford. “Eli was taught how to shoot by his grandfather when he was 9 or 10, and that was really it. He didn’t really need it as we passed constitutional carry this year, but god bless he had it and carried it as part of his routine. will be grateful to.

Officers say it took Dicken only seconds to stop the killer.

In every way, there was nothing special about Dicken. He was just a young auto mechanic with a Glock. No professional training. No formal preparation. No fancy facilities. His magazine is loaded with Full Metal Blazer brass ammunition in his jacket, and the pistol his sight had been damaged in a motorcycle accident a few weeks earlier and filed to work again.

“Looking at the video and the results, I have one theory: God’s hand was on Eli,” says Relford.

Also, there were no serious warnings or actionable “red flags” of the killer’s actions. He left no manifesto, no apparent motive, nothing. He didn’t give clear signs to mall patrons about the impending murder and entered the mall unobserved. I got it“It’s really hard to stop when someone decides to do something bad like this. I don’t know how to stop it other than putting metal detectors at every entrance. Eli.” “Sometimes you can only expect Dicken to be in the right place at the right time.”

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