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Kanye West’s Ex-Bodyguard Will Expose Him In New Documentary – TheRichest

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The bodyguard was fired just two weeks after the hellish experience.

Workplace allegations against Kanye West continue to mount. The rapper’s former bodyguard is currently working on a documentary about his whirlwind experience under Kanye’s employment.

according to Your Tango, A future documentary will highlight the experience of Steve Staniuris. He worked for the rapper for his two weeks in 2016 and accompanied him to big events such as Yeezy’s fashion show and his party listening to Ye’s album. The life of Pablo.

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Bodyguard opened earlier 6 pages In February 2022, he summed it up as “crazy” about making Kanye his boss.

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He filed a series of allegations against Kanye, including Ye wanting his staff to “blow red lights” to go to one of his fashion shows at MSG while in traffic. said.

he decided to run away from the car And run to MSG! Steve said. “I was like, ‘I’m going after him!’ I’m chasing him through traffic.”

“People don’t look at Kanye in a negative light, but people will entertain. I was the first to do so,” he continued.

Production on the documentary began last year, but it’s unclear when it will be released. It also features testimony from other security guards who have worked for the rapper.

Kanye previously threatened to sue Steve for $60 million after security guards tried to confide in him about his employment in 2016. Ye claims Steve signed a non-disclosure agreement, but security guards deny it.

Kanye has faced numerous toxic workplaces and discriminatory behavior from former employees. paid a number of undisclosed settlements To ex-employees about such situations, including spewing anti-Semitic comments.

He claims he was fired, according to first-hand testimony from the employee. Suggest playing Drake’s music at the company.

Other complaints say leaves would blame staff for wearing the “wrong” color.

Similarly, Kanye’s former manager filed a lawsuit against him after he was fired just months from an 18-month contract. Thomas St. John He was hired as Yeezy’s Senior Financial Advisor and Chief Financial Officer, making him $300,000 a month.

In total, the former manager hopes to win a $4.5 million settlement that includes the remaining contract and punitive damages.

However, in December Thomas Can’t serve Kanye on paperwork to proceed with the lawsuit.

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sauce: Your Tango, 6 pages,

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