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10 Constructive Ways To Give Your Security Guards Feedback

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Constructive feedback is the ultimate key to letting security guards know how they are performing and what is expected of them. So it automatically becomes an important part of supporting the team’s learning and development. However, repeated negative feedback can have a destructive effect on guard engagement. Therefore, for feedback to be constructive, it must be fact-based and solution-oriented.

Use the following strategies to provide strong, productive and constructive feedback to guards.

don’t wait

Feedback is not only a powerful way to drive security guard engagement, but it is also an important part of performance management. So if you need to say something, say it. Giving security guards immediate feedback after an event has the greatest impact on their performance. If the problem is left unattended, it will multiply and you will have to deal with many problems that could have been avoided if the previous had been mentioned.

focus on positive

Giving feedback to guards is a delicate art. Praise and negative feedback must be balanced. A good way to start the feedback discussion is to outline the security guards’ accomplishments, sincerely thank them for their efforts, and then point out areas they need to work on. But don’t let positive comments overshadow real conversations or send mixed signals.


Security guards are more likely to learn and grow when they receive solution-oriented, very clear, and to-the-point feedback. Instead of focusing on what they did wrong, provide guidance to show them what they should have done. If you have written policies and procedures, share them with your guards to clarify expectations. Don’t forget to share your positive feedback as well. Then they will know what to do.

dive deeper

The ultimate goal of providing feedback to guards is to quickly fix any issues at hand. That may require digging deeper to find the root cause. To do so, start her discussion of feedback by asking questions to understand a particular behavior or what caused it to behave. If you think the guards may be at fault, listen to them too.

listen and understand

Giving feedback to security guards is not just telling them what needs to be improved. It’s also important to give them the opportunity to respond and keep an open mind. Listening to them can help you understand what the guards are feeling or situations you may not be aware of. To help them overcome the challenges they face, it is important that they feel heard.

follow up

End this conversation by strategically planning your next steps and letting them know what you expect from them and future discussions. up and provide support. To further track such discussions, consider recording them and including them in the guard’s annual performance review to continuously monitor progress.

personally criticize

Don’t start criticizing security guards in public. It’s better to do it in private. The reason is that feedback can be offensive to both the receiver and the giver. Moving the location to a more formal location can help reduce the underlying pressure. please give me. This will give you plenty of time to reflect and provide a more thoughtful answer.

praise when the time comes

Feedback is often viewed as negative. Well, it shouldn’t be. Feedback is positive. Because acknowledging positive comments amid negative ones can be a good way to reassure the security guard that they haven’t lost sight of it. You can let them know by telling them you’re not criticizing their overall performance. Certain aspects of their work require attention.


Feedback is an integral part of security guard growth and development. It’s also one of the most powerful ways you can positively impact security guard job satisfaction, performance, and engagement. Use this strategy to build a more cohesive team of security guards who can accomplish more at client sites every day.

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