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Automate Security Guard Scheduling To Drive Efficiency

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Understanding scheduling is not that difficult. The process of getting in touch with the right guards and getting them to the right place at the scheduled time. Here’s a basic overview of guard scheduling.

But it’s not that simple. Getting in touch with the guards can be difficult. They have different profiles and are trained at different sites. Also, different sites require different skill sets. These and many other reasons make scheduling complex and often repetitive. There are many moving parts, and changing moving parts is the most difficult aspect of security guard scheduling.

Don’t worry; there are better ways to do guard scheduling.

Why should I automate security guard scheduling?

Automating guard scheduling with modern industry-focused software can help your operations run easier and more efficiently.

Accurate scheduling

Ensuring the accuracy of the schedule is critical, as clients as well as security personnel are dependent on it. Clients pay based on the security guard’s schedule, so they obviously want it to be correct.

assign appropriate guards

Each site has different guard requirements and not all guards are suitable for all sites. Therefore, it is important to provide appropriate guards for your site based on attributes and skills. By automating the identification of attributes and skills, you can efficiently assign the right guards to your site.

timely communication

We live in an era of 24/7 access thanks to universal connectivity, mobility, and IoT. Skepticism about change is normal, but if security guard companies are to be efficient and profitable, they need to embrace new ways of doing things.

Whether it’s the web, email, or SMS, security guards prefer to receive and check their schedules in whatever format works best for them. Provide security guards with a schedule according to their communication preferences and your priorities.

drive efficiency

Like it or not, relying on in-house scheduling tools and paper-based schedules and spreadsheets is no longer a good idea. With automatic scheduling, you enter scheduling data once and transfer it to other downstream systems such as billing, payroll, and accounting.

When scheduling teams start using modern guard management software, employees can focus more on book-offs and vacations rather than the constant repetition of daily tasks.

For those of you who don’t know, GuardsPro has a back office dashboard to help you manage your security company more efficiently. In addition to the back-office dashboard, the GuardsPro mobile app also helps both guards and administrators run their operations more intelligently and efficiently.

GuardsPro helps security companies streamline management, reduce billing time, schedule efficiently, and measure performance. GuardsPro’s ultimate goal is to empower our teams to deliver quality service. Contact our team of experts today. https://www.guardspro.com/contact you can know more.

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