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Tips & Tricks To Train Your Security Workforce For New Technology

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Today’s technology plays a bigger role in the security guard industry than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic is the sole reason behind it. As such, many security firms are adopting new technologies to improve productivity. If you find yourself in such a situation today and find that security personnel trained on legacy systems may struggle or resist using new technologies is good news.

Minimal training is required to familiarize your security guards with the new software you want to deploy. How? Here are some tips and tricks on how to train security personnel on new software or technology.

Trainers need to know the software itself

Not all security guards are enthusiastic about the new technology you are eager to implement. To ensure that trainers are experts in their own way before developing a training program.

If the trainer isn’t familiar with the software or enthusiastic about the program, the security guys will know right away. So choose your trainers wisely and provide them with the training they need to support your security guards in the next steps of software implementation.

prioritize training

One of the biggest mistakes security guard companies make when implementing new programs, procedures, or even technologies is that their already overburdened security personnel cannot find time to add training to their daily work schedules. automatically assume.

If that’s your strategy, know that your security guards may be putting off learning new software as long as possible in order to complete the jobs they already have. This is why you need to prioritize your training by allocating time and resources and making sure it is comprehensive and reputable.

Help security guards understand the benefits of new software

Another great way to increase the number of security guards on your team and facilitate this major change within your security firm is to take the time to help them understand why this new technology is beneficial to them. is to

Security professionals need to know how this technology can improve their lives and make their jobs easier while minimizing changes to client sites.

For example, while introducing GuardsPro Mobile App Not only can you access your schedule online, but you can also select from available shifts, check availability, make weekly schedules available, request time off, swap shifts, and easily clock in and out. Send critical guard tour reports live, share videos instantly, track work hours and breaks, and much more.

Set clear and realistic deadlines and rollout methods

If you don’t want your new software implementation to fail miserably, don’t spring train your unsuspecting security guards at the beginning or end of a busy day.

An important part of getting security guards to use new software is giving them good advance notice of training deadlines and outlining how to use it. Employees often feel better about training requirements when they know what to expect and have room to handle change. So in this way you can overcome change fiction and pushback from security personnel.

Use training incentives

New technology not only allows security firms to retain their best customers by providing better security guard services, but also means new opportunities for security guards in terms of job requirements and incentives.

The key is to get to know your security personnel well enough to know what rewards will keep them engaged and help them complete and complete their training.

For some, a simple verbal recognition of dedication is enough. For others, a gift card when training is complete might keep them motivated. You know your guards best, so get creative.

Choose the right format for guard training

Choosing the right format for training security personnel facing new technologies is important. Therefore, digitization is essential. However, many security companies use the old training format of hours in a boardroom.

Once that factor is determined, be patient and take small steps as you introduce new technology to your guards. Some can learn quickly, while others require additional time and training. Therefore, also focus on investing in additional training sessions for less tech-savvy employees and make them as interactive as possible.


It doesn’t matter if your security personnel can’t keep up with new technology. Give them room to fail. We all learn from our mistakes.

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