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Can Individuals with a Criminal Record Become a Security Guard in New York?

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New York State Relief Act Certificate

The Certificate of Relief Act helps convicted felons after being released from prison. Provides employment, housing and education assistance. New York offers two relief certificates that can help.Initially Handicapped person’s notebookand the second is certificate of good conduct.

Handicapped person’s notebook

A certificate of relief from disability removes a mandatory legal ban, disability, or disqualification imposed on an individual for a crime/felony. The Relief Certificate is for individuals who have committed a misdemeanor or who have committed a felony for the first time. Therefore, individuals who have committed multiple felonies cannot apply for this certificate. Note that even if he had two or more felony convictions in the same indictment, it would still count as one felony. If no prison sentence is included, a relief certificate will be awarded.If they have served time in prison, they can pass New York State Parole Board After being released to receive this certificate.

certificate of good conduct

A certificate of good conduct “confiscates or impairs” its recipient and “removes a barrier to employment.” A good conduct certificate is for those who have multiple offenses on their record. State parole boards award this certificate after a court decision that does not include a prison sentence. There is usually a waiting period of one to five years of good deeds to receive this certificate. The length of the waiting period depends on the severity of the crime committed. Additionally, the parole board may take up to six months to make a decision on this certificate.

seal your record

Essentially, criminal records are legally erased when an individual seals their records. Individuals can then honestly state that they have never been charged or convicted of a crime against their employer. For an individual to be eligible to have her records sealed, she must not have been convicted of a second offense during her 10 years from the date of sentencing or release from jail/prison.

What beliefs are eligible to be sealed?

All misdemeanor convictions are eligible to be sealed, and some felonies may also be sealed. It is important to understand that an individual can only have one felony sealed he is, and some felonies are not eligible to be sealed. Felonies not covered by the seal include all sex offenses, violent felonies, and other serious felonies.

Apply to become a NYS Licensed Security Guard

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