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Challenges Security Guard Companies Are Facing Due To Covid-19

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COVID-19 is a pandemic that is devastating business in every sector and region. The security industry, hitherto unaffected by such circumstances, is facing financial challenges. Therefore, security companies were forced to change how they managed their employees and how they delivered security services to better serve their clients and change their security needs. Here is a list of some challenges and methods Guardso guard tour system I can help you with those.

Increase in no-shows

A security guard’s failure to show up for their shift is a situation beyond the control of the security company. This can cause even confirmed shifts to become vacant shifts and cut payments from clients who pay by the hour.

The Guardso scheduler provides an overview of all available guards and leave requests, allowing you to quickly meet last minute requirements. Guards also have the flexibility to swap shifts with other guards using the Guardso mobile app. This way you can avoid no-shows due to unforeseen emergencies.

effective guard replacement

The biggest challenge security companies face after an absence is replacing sick or non-attending security guards with people with the same skills, competencies and training. Despite the similarities in core fundamentals, experience in a completely different market sector cannot replace security guards.

You need a guard tour system like Guardso to ensure the continuity of service that every client expects and further contribute to customer retention. Its skill-set scheduling capabilities help you quickly find replacement security guards who are scheduled seamlessly and instantly, while ensuring security guards aren’t overwhelmed with extra shifts.

Site security supervisor

If your company prefers on-site supervision, this may no longer be the case. The pandemic has forced security managers to supervise field workers remotely, even from home.

The Guardso Guard Tour System allows supervisors to proactively manage security guards at various client sites while minimizing the risk of viral infections. Supervisors can schedule security guards, update shifts, follow security guards in the field with GPS tracking, communicate directly with security guards using messenger, monitor security hours, attendance, receive reports, and access security from live dashboards. Instructions can be communicated using post orders.

Changes in demand for services

Across the world, the pandemic has forced many companies to temporarily close their offices and employees to work from home. This makes security demands fluctuate. Some companies have scaled down shifts to one or two security guards, while others may only require random patrols on site.

Retail and commercial establishments are choosing to rely solely on alarm systems, creating demand for guards skilled in handling access systems and monitoring devices. Meanwhile, the overwhelming number of healthcare facilities and visitors has led to a surge in demand for security. Some commercial buildings also require dedicated security services to keep their assets safe.

Setting up a robust communication plan

Communication during a security company pandemic must take on a whole new dimension for business stability. Companies relying on offline mode need to switch to online methods very quickly and streamline their operations through a reliable guard tour system. Communication includes sharing simple instructions, posting orders, changing tasks, schedules, and keeping reports coming to you on a regular basis.

Guardso has a live dashboard for security managers, Guard Tour Mobile App For guarding, it prevents the communication chain from breaking. All communication is paperless and real-time. To respond to emergency calls from clients, tenants, or other residents, dispatchers can connect in real-time with security guards on-site and manage dispatch tickets stress-free.

invest in additional training

Security companies should invest in providing additional training to their security personnel so they can perform scheduled shifts without jeopardizing safety at customer sites. So they know all about the basics of dealing with a pandemic: how to handle his PPE kit and how to use a thermal scanner. In fact, in this day and age where active participation by some guards is not required, they can train young guards and motivate them to provide excellent security services.

Security guard training can be conducted remotely, focusing not only on current events, but also on the impact that they have had on how their duties have evolved because of it. They must have a clear understanding of threats and risks and how to mitigate different situations. Provide a clear and concise message about what is expected of you while on the job so you don’t put yourself in jeopardy when protecting your client’s site.

make an emergency plan

There are various factors beyond the control of security companies. But there are many things you can do to prepare yourself to deal with the pandemic situation. One such thing is to have a strategic response plan to be better prepared to respond to emergencies. Failure to do so at this time may impact business continuity planning.

In fact, it helps prepare business clients to create their own security programs to handle situations like this in the future. This helps ensure business continuity by providing uninterrupted security services during a pandemic. For example, the protocol to follow when a client site alarm system is reported.

Leave us a comment below to let us know what challenges your security company faces and how you’re coping with them.

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