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How To Implement Data-Driven Decision Making Using A Patrol Guard Tour System?

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Relying on assumptions can be fatal if you want to sustain and grow in today’s competitive marketplace. Security companies understand the value of data-driven decision-making and patrol guard tour system in fulfilling this purpose.

Using a security reporting system is a useful and smart strategy for collecting ground reports, understanding and analyzing scenarios in the field to increase your business competitiveness and agility.

Here’s how you can use the Patrol Guard Tour system to incorporate data-driven decision-making into your processes.

1. Access to Accurate Performance Data

Without security reporting software, how do you measure and analyze performance? We tend to rely on error-prone, manually updated spreadsheets and reports. I guess so? These methods are obsolete. Patrol guard tour systems like Guardso now allow guards to easily update their field reports from their smartphones using the Guardso mobile app.

This allows security administrators to understand how well scheduled patrols are performing and control deviations. Deviations can be considered, the reasons analyzed, and patrols scheduled or rescheduled so that they are designed to promote maximum compliance. Additionally, features like GPS tracking and geofencing improve field visibility, address accountability, and discourage guards from skipping patrol sites.

2. Fact-Based Incident Reporting

Sites differ in their vulnerability to violence and disruption. What the security reporting software does here is provide the ability to specify the frequency of burglary, theft, break-in, and fire alarms to closely monitor incidents at individual sites.

This allows you to decide which sites have how many guards and at what skill level. Guardso’s scheduling software allows the system to predefine security guard skill sets so that security guards can be easily scheduled accordingly. Additionally, don’t forget to schedule patrols to critical sites more often to check for disruptions.

3. Concerns identified through client feedback

Ignoring client feedback is not the smartest client retention strategy. Security reporting software like Guardso is designed to streamline client communications, giving you the flexibility to deliver on-site reports to clients after approval from your side. This eliminates the need to print and mail/fax reports, saving time and effort.

Additionally, the Guardso Client Portal allows clients to get reports on time so they are always aware of the services offered at their facility. Clients can provide feedback and point out areas of interest. This will give you insight into your client’s expectations so that you can improve your planning aspects. On the enforcement side, security guard time clocks ensure that planned patrols are carried out.

4. Address Deviations with Detailed Site Tour Reports

Security guards perform their duties remotely and may not be able to check in person. With guard time clocks, geofencing, GPS tracking, and support for NFC tags and QR codes, the Patrol Guard Tour system allows administrators to monitor guard check-in/check-out, when they are on site, live locations, scheduled What part of the patrol was completed?

Make informed decisions when scheduling and rescheduling patrols. Use Guardso to access relevant and accurate data on guard movements during patrol tours.

Five. Gain insight into field scenarios with path down logs

The Patrol Guard Tour system gives you quick access to lore logs created by guards. You can review the details of individual passdown entries and learn important information security guards share with each other on the posting site.

Similarly, Guardso Messenger, another great feature, allows guards, managers, and administrators to communicate live on the posting site. This gives you access to valuable information and a deeper understanding of onsite scenarios that may not be reflected in your reports.

Collecting data is one aspect of decision making. The Patrol Guard Tour system helps identify key performance areas by providing insightful data that needs to be analyzed further to make decisions based on facts rather than speculation.

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