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The 5 Best Labor-Saving Technologies A Private Patrol Company Can Employ

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Over the past few decades, technology has evolved at a dizzying pace, transforming nearly every job on the planet.

Physical security is witnessing a technological paradigm shift with increasing use of smartphones, high-end video surveillance cameras and drones, sophisticated integrated access control systems, and the first versions of robotic guards, while labor costs are It’s still a major part of security. Cost sharing for nearly all private patrol companies.

The best way to keep labor costs down is to incorporate labor-saving technologies that make a big difference in efficiency levels.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Integrated system access

Besides imposing penalties, do you know what security companies do to keep you out of trouble with false alarms? Video Verification.
It helps suppress accuracy issues and only require fewer dispatches.

Although it is believed to be as efficient as the quality of the images produced, the problem will be resolved once high-resolution data acquisition and analysis become available. And mobile-integrated apps like Guardso have made it much easier to view watch-mode video feeds that guards share directly from posting sites.

2. Mobile app integrated monitoring

  • With a security patrol system linked to smartphones, not only general operations of security companies, Guard Roles and Responsibilitieshas been redefined.
  • Gone are the days when security managers had to stick to screens to monitor security guard activity.

Guardso Live Dashboard grants supervisors the following privileges:

  • Use GPS tracking to track the presence and movement of security guards in the field
  • Get notified in real time about deviations from scheduled shifts (early or late check-ins, no-shows)
  • Real-time access to reports submitted by security guards from post sites

of Guardso Mobile App A powerful tool in the hands of a security guard, it allows security guards to:

  • Access to schedules, post-orders and tasks
  • Post-site check-in and check-out according to shift
  • Scan NFC tags and QR codes to take site tours
  • Send reports in real time

3. Integrated Video & City Surveillance Mobile Camera

Even if you can’t replace security guards, mobile cameras are perfect. Their feed can be integrated with city surveillance, turning it into an access control, evidence collection and live mass notification system, much like Guardso’s security guard management system works. Ultimately, you can automate the storage of collected data and reduce the need for administrative staff by simply aggregating and processing all information.

4. Data-driven analysis software

Employing an integrated security system, such as security guard reporting software, combined with data-driven analytics, can allocate human resources more efficiently.

Guardso security guard reporting software collects relevant and actionable data from client sites.

  • Strategize schedule based on client and site requirements
  • Determining staffing requirements
  • Manage regular and out-of-hours guard hours
  • Based on the incident history of the posting site, we will assign skilled security guards.

Guardso security guard reporting software puts critical data directly at your fingertips so you can make informed decisions for your private patrol company.

5. Drone

Drones are one of the most interesting high-end evolutionary technologies that offer an ideal solution to the problems and limitations that other surveillance methods typically face.

Now drones are already being used for national security. And given the improved battery life, it’s more likely to become a 24/7 private security patrol solution.

In addition to drones, all a private patrol company needs is a security guard skilled enough to handle the technology efficiently, greatly reducing the manpower needed.

Business intelligence calls for the adoption of ever more impressive security patrol systems, but private patrol companies, which seem hesitant to adopt new technology, are seeking efficient ways to integrate technology into their security operations. You may be running the risk of losing out to your competitors. .

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