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GROUNDUP CALL FOR CLEMENCY: Scammed UCT security guards hold forgiveness picket – Daily Maverick

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The 31 security guards fired for interfering with June exams at the University of Cape Town (UCT) have asked the students for forgiveness.

Security guards, their families, and members of the Student Representative Council (SRC) held a peaceful picket on Tuesday at the university’s Upper Campus Plaza. They hope the student will support their plea to be insourced by her UCT.

on monday, ground up Reported how former student activist Sibusiso Mpenduro falsely claimed to be a security guard’s attorney, promises to fight for them to be insourced. He then led them to sabotage June’s exams, resulting in the workers being dismissed.

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Former student activist is in the spotlight after he gaslighted UCT workers and lost their jobs

In June 2016, then-Deputy Prime Minister Max Price announced that UCT would employ about 1,000 people in July 2016. They say they meet the requirements, but UCT hired outside guards instead.

More than 400 students sat on the steps of the square.The leader of the workers, Amos Kwabi, explained that it was Mpenduro’s advice that led them to enter the examination hall.

Mpendulo said he told security guards that UCT’s SRC had authorized the disruption and they believed him. He said they paid Mpenduro over the years, including paying for a trip to Pretoria where he claimed he was meeting Hawks on his behalf.

When Kwabi asked the students if they would forgive him, they shouted “yes” and clapped their hands.

The SRC’s deputy chairman, Siya Plaatjie, said the SRC believed the guards were struggling to obtain information. She recounted her SRC’s bizarre deal with Mpenduro.

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“To be honest, I didn’t think it was coming until one of our law-studying members kept pointing out some inaccuracies in the documents Mpendulo showed us. He asked Mpenduro for specific documents and he replied that he had either left them at home or he had come up with an excuse,” Plazy said.

family talks about hardships

The security guard’s family told the students about the difficulties the family faced since they lost their jobs.

Nosidima Ndlokolo, 59, said her son Masixole is taking care of her and three other siblings. She said, “It’s really hard at home. I’m not working. I lost my job on the way. [the lockdown]My last child is in 12th grade and I wanted to study next year but no one is helping her with her registration fees and Masixole is not working so I don’t think it will be ‘ she said.

Samora Machel’s Cebisa Nkumbi is the mother of three children. Her family relies on social subsidies because her husband has lost his job.

“Every day I pray that UCT does the right thing and hires them. My husband has been working here for nearly 10 years. He deserves to be insourced,” she said.

Simtembile Qondo, a father of seven, said he only hopes UCT will in-house them, or at least tell them why they weren’t hired in previous in-house rounds. rice field.

“If you tell us what requirements they want, we can get them. Because from what they posted, I’m sure we qualify.” ‘ he said.

Mpenduro’s Hawks Story Hole

We asked Jinji Hani, the Hawks’ Western Cape spokesperson, about the lawsuit allegedly opened by Mpenduro on behalf of the guards against UCT. A detective’ contacted security and took a statement from Kwabi at the Cape Town Central Police Station.

Hani denied that Mpenduro could not have filed a lawsuit in Pretoria because the matter was handled in the Western Cape.

“There is no detective named Tsiya in the Western Cape,” she said. It is unknown if this person works for her SAPS.

UCT was contacted for comment on Sunday and Tuesday. Their comments will be added as they are received. DM

first published by ground up.


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