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Here’s How to Improve the Security of a Multi-Location Retail Business

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Retailers have been unlucky enough to experience instances of fraud and shoplifting over the past few years. Customer violence is also a pervasive problem in this business.

Whether it’s the holiday season or Black Friday sales, security issues are always piling up. Needless to say, a lack of retail security guards can negatively impact your finances in the long run. So here are some ways to improve the security of your multi-location retail operations.

Installation of alarm system

An alarm system is a basic requirement for ensuring retail store security. Only stores with strong alarm systems can effectively deal with emergencies.

Be careful. It doesn’t take long for the thief to terrorize you and rob the store. These alarm systems help detect activity whenever a door is opened or a window is broken, allowing immediate action.

perform a background check before hiring someone

No one knows the weaknesses of a business better than its employees. So we need to make sure we have the right kind of people, people who enforce rather than undermine retail security.

Running background checks should be part of your store’s regular security practices. Check their previous employment records and criminal record, if any.

Installation of security cameras

By installing surveillance cameras that cover a wide area, you can watch everyone’s activities. You should choose a system that can be accessed remotely using a mobile device or computer.

Cameras act as a great deterrent to inappropriate behavior and criminal activity. In the future, having a record of relevant incidents can also protect your employees and you from liability.

Use barcode labels

Barcodes are great loss prevention tools in retail stores. Not only does it help speed up the checkout process, it also speeds up the inventory counting process, saving valuable time in the long run. Having a record of every little thing sold greatly reduces the possibility of theft.

Hire retail store security guards

Having an in-house security expert can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. However, the time and expense of training these professionals may not be worth it.

Therefore, you may want to consider hiring a reputable company such as Guard Services USA to serve your needs. Our professionals have the latest skills and knowledge to protect your business and property.


Security cannot be sacrificed when you maintain your business in multiple locations. It will cost you a lot in both the short and long term. Hiring a professional security guard to do the job properly is always in your best interest, especially if you run your store in another location. Security cameras, barcode labels, and alarm systems only help detect criminal activity. Only well-trained professionals can help deal with criminal activity when it occurs.

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