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Legacy Lounge fights to reopen doors open after Norfolk City Council pulls permit – News 3 WTKR Norfolk

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NORFOLK, Va. – The owner of Legacy Restaurant and Lounge and his attorney went to court on Wednesday to ask a judge to overturn the Norfolk City Council’s decision to revoke the club’s conditional use permit.

On September 13th, all but one city council member voted to revoke Legacy’s permits following a shooting outside the club in August.

On Wednesday, the city claimed the club violated the terms of its permit after the club failed to take sufficient steps to protect citizens after a shooting occurred outside Legacy on Aug. 5. Security Four men, including a deputy, were shot and wounded.

In court, the city claimed that a Legacy employee, not a member of the security team, carried away the suspected shooting during the fight.

City attorneys said it violated the CUP and was reason enough to cancel the CUP.

Legacy attorney Tim Anderson disputed that city officials initially said the permit was revoked after claiming the business had no uniformed security guards. rice field.

“The complaint was that they didn’t have uniform security,” Anderson said. This was not even discussed with the City Council.The problem with this incident – and it still is – is that there is no record of what they did to force the closure. Do you mean no?”

The city also said Legacy did not have the same security plan or company that was agreed upon when the CUP was approved.

Anderson also disputes that claim.

“It was testified that zoning had approved a stronger security plan with another company,” he said. “They had a better security plan than the one negotiated with the city.” .”

Warren, one of Legacy’s owners Salvodon stood up Wednesday with the guards on duty that night and city officials on the Planning Commission.

“I can actually challenge myself to watch more than a seven-second clip,” says Salvodon. “We’ve identified everything that happened that night, just the fact that they don’t really want to know what happened that night. I think they had already made the decision.” “

Civil Kings security guards were also called to the stand. He testified that he had four uniformed armed guards at Legacy that night.

The city said Legacy can continue to operate as a restaurant, but has waived its liquor license and will not be allowed to serve alcohol.

Salvodon told a judge Wednesday that his business makes 50% to 60% of its revenue from the sale of food and alcohol between midnight and 2 a.m. and he is interested in giving up his liquor license. said there was no

News 3 reporter Antoinette DelBel asked Salvodon.

Salvodon said, “Not at the moment. I’m fighting to be a nightclub. That’s how I do it and that’s what I want to keep doing.”

A judge said he would decide within two weeks whether to grant Legacy a temporary injunction to allow it to operate as a nightclub while the court proceedings proceed.

The City of Norfolk previously issued the following statement:

Legacy’s Conditional Use Permit (CUP) requires uniformed security personnel tasked with controlling and containing patrons and resolving dangerous situations peacefully and effectively to prevent injury. I have. CUP holders must ensure that the use of permits does not devalue or damage land within the area where the business is located and does not have a negative cumulative impact on adjacent areas or the city as a whole. there is.

Police investigations and social media footage of an event that occurred in and near Legacy on August 5 of this year led to patron Tyshaun Gray being detained and dragged by his neck and clothing while inside the store in his uniform. It became clear that there were no security guards wearing After the altercation, Legacy staff moved patrons from the nightclub to a nearby street, where Mr. Gray fired several shots into the crowd, striking four victims. , the city proposes to revoke his CUP on Legacy.

Legacy Lounge issued the following statement last month:

“Legacy Lounge has elected to appeal the recent revocation of a conditional use permit by Norfolk City Council, which has effectively ended all business operations and approximately 20 jobs. It was done in hopes that the process would resemble transparency and fairness, as they maintained an ongoing invitation to dialogue with the city council, city managers, and surrounding downtown communities. please give me.”

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