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Nameless, Wahu Praised by Hospital Security Guard for Their Humility in Warm Message: "Keep that Heart" – Tuko.co.ke

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  • Nameless was touched by the warm message his Wahu received from a Nairobi hospital security guard.
  • Security guards revealed they treated him with dignity when the celebrity couple visited the medical facility
  • He called them the most polite celebrities and urged the couple to keep their big hearts.

An unidentified security guard who worked at The Nairobi Hospital sent a warm message praising celebrity couple Nameless and Wahu for their unquestionable humility.

Nameless, Wahu admired their humility. Photo: Anonymous.
Source: Facebook

Nameless, Wahu Most humble celebrity

according to safety Both medical students are Kenya’s most polite and humble celebrities.

he shared his encounter with no name Waff when visiting a medical facility during Waff’s latest pregnancy.

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There are many cases where the public looks down on security guards, but when it comes to two things, this is not the case.

A security guard revealed that he couldn’t believe that Nameless had spoken to him friendly and even called him a brother at the entrance to the hospital.

It warmed his heart and made him feel valued.

“You and Nameless are the most polite celebrities I have ever met. Some time this year I remember you coming for a checkup at the Doctors Plaza in a hospital in Nairobi. I was working as a security guard at the time.

Nameless would say to me, “Niager brother?” Wachaku Ninguri Ahi Bosana Namimi. Being called a mate by Nameless has never been better,” the security guard wrote Wahu in a warm message.

The guard added that Wahu, who recently gave birth to his third daughter, showed him great respect even when he asked him to wear a mask before entering the premises.

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He asked them to keep the same mind of doing kind and miscellaneous things to everyone.

“With Wahoo, I put you in a mask, I remember saying without hesitation, ‘pole soja iko hapa wacha nivae’. I was no longer in the hospital in Nairobi, but I was also a medical student at the same time.” he continued.

Here is the post:

Anonymous Surprised by Feedback

The father of three children was impressed after his wife delivered the message.

He shared it with his fans on social media and said:

“Wahu sent me this from her DM. Just wanted to thank the many people who have motivated us with such positive feedback and goodwill…Bless you In the meantime, nimesalimika bro!”

Wahu responds to pressure to have a boy

Apart from this, Wahu’s fans asked her if she still wanted to have a boy later.

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“Nothing like that. I’m very happy and satisfied,” she replied.

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