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On Camera, Unarmed Security Guard In US Tackles Man With Assault Rifle – NDTV

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The incident occurred earlier this month on November 10th.

An unarmed U.S. security guard is applauding online for his bravery when facing off against a man armed with an AR-15 assault rifle. CCTV footage shared on Reddit shows a man identified as Jeremy Griffin entering a substance abuse treatment clinic in Buffalo, New York, brandishing a weapon before being pinned to the ground by security guards. .

The incident occurred earlier this month on November 10th. A short clip showed an unarmed security guard standing in the clinic’s entrance hall, across from the reception desk, in front of a closed glass door. is seen firing a shot at. Unarmed guards tackled and restrained the man until other officers arrived.

Watch the video below.

Towards the end of the video, the two are seen trying each other out before security drags Mr. Griffin outside. CBS newsMr. Griffin’s gun was fired twice more during the battle, but no one was hit inside the infirmary.

The video, shared on several social media platforms, has taken the internet by storm. On Reddit, the post earned him over 143,000 upvotes and a few comments.

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“It’s crazy to see flight or fight happening in real-time and in the blink of an eye. Glad my guy didn’t get hurt,” wrote one user. BRAVE HERO!!!” said another.

A third commented, “His move was just right. Rifles don’t work well in that kind of contact. Guards used it to choke the attacker. Great move.” did. A fourth added, “That’s the definition of a hero.”

On the other hand, according to CBS, officers confirmed Mr. Griffin was in custody. They suspect he was also involved in another shooting that occurred shortly before the one at his clinic. Police said they did not believe either attack was premeditated and both appeared to be attempted robberies “related to drug activity.”

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