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Five Practices To Improve Shopping Mall Security

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For many shopping mall management teams, it can be difficult to control the significant increase in in-store traffic during the holidays. One of the top priorities of any shopping mall security program is to ensure a delightful shopping experience for visitors, ensure crowd control, identify suspicious behavior, and quickly resolve possible incidents.

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, expect a significant increase in shoppers for special occasions, if to a lesser extent than in most other years. And providing security for a crowd of this size is no easy task. This is ideal for investing more in shopping center security services and implementing more security practices to ensure better security. It’s time. Although the threats that shopping mall workers typically face are not serious, it is important to train them to behave appropriately in high-risk situations to ensure everyone’s safety.

So here are five practices you can apply to improve your shopping mall security.

Make sure mall security and personnel are properly trained

All mall employees include valet staff, information desk staff, cleaners, and anyone who works in a retail store. These people obviously do not have the same degree of security responsibility as professional security personnel, but they should still have knowledge of:

  • How to move cash safely
  • How to screen an area for threats
  • Situations where they need to be alert and alert security staff of potential threats
  • How to Respond to Visitor Questions
  • How to report suspicious or unusual activity to the mall security team

Have an opening and closing strategy

Due to the mall’s operating hours, it is easy for those with nefarious intentions to expand and monitor the mall and its operations, including staff arrival and departure times and security.

Around Black Friday, the store is expected to be crowded when it opens, and it may be difficult to leave when it closes. Keep the opening and closing times as much as possible, and employees should go to the site early to prepare for the opening. This allows staff to calmly inspect and finish preparing their workspaces for a busy day. mentally prepared to do so.

Security guards will be posted at the entrances to ensure that people can enter the premises in a safe and orderly manner. Also, if the building is closed, please let us know the closing time in advance and evacuate as soon as possible. Install clear, bold-faced signs on all sidewalks and doors to help visitors find exits easily.

Have specific security procedures planned for busy periods

The holiday season epidemic requires additional security to ensure the safety of visitors, staff and malls. This includes implementing emergency procedures and equipment protocols. Meet with all employees to discuss and discuss important safety and security issues.

  • Make sure you have a suitable and operable radio and flashlight
  • See all the steps for reporting suspicious activity, such as visitors constantly watching CCTV or walking in restricted areas
  • Take measures to increase team vigilance
  • Emphasize the importance of rapid emergency response
  • Plan patrol routes alternately to make patrol routes unpredictable for potential criminals

deploy additional guards

Security guards are the first line of defense in a shopping mall. Additional security guards will be deployed to patrol the premises during busy periods as needed. They are highly capable of guarding against suspicious activity and are trained to respond quickly to security risks.

By increasing the number of guards on special occasions, mall security teams will be able to:

  • Patrol the entire mall before opening to the public
  • Add 1 security guard during mall hours
  • Deploy two more security patrol guards. One patrols the mall’s common areas such as parking lots, washrooms, and the other she places the hood in her coat.
  • Cast another additional guard for exterior patrols and hourly checks of the machine room and roof doors.
  • After closing, security guards will prevent anyone from re-entering at the entrance of the mall

Focus on high-risk areas

Washrooms are private places, and this property makes them desirable to potential criminals. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the washroom.

Trash cans are also high-risk locations as they can be potential storage areas for stolen goods, suspicious packages, weapons and explosives. To prevent criminals from using trash cans for their purposes:

  • Use clear plastic bags that are easy to find
  • Have security guards visually check waste bins for criminal packages
  • Empty the trash before closing time

Underground parking lots and other parking garages should also be closely monitored by the mall’s security team.

These 5 essential security tips will help you increase your shopping mall security during the special season. However, there are still many things you can do to improve the security of your shopping mall.

These tips should be taken seriously. You also need to make sure your team is well informed and following practices.

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