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Things To Consider While Equipping Your Security Patrolling Guards

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A security patrol guard’s most important job involves protecting people, places, and property from all possible security threats. But to carry out these duties, you need the right equipment. We often rely on them to provide protection, investigate a situation, or keep ourselves safe.

As a security company, take the first step to show that you care. Enlighten them on the basic requirements to enhance the health of security patrol guards. Not sure where to start? A Field Guide for GuardsLet’s see.


The security guard’s uniform is the first thing that sets him apart from the rest of the crowd. Dress nicely in a T-shirt and black trousers. People tend to take security patrol guards who dress more seriously.So keep it simple and professional.


Boots are a worthwhile investment that all security guards working in the security industry agree on. A security patrol security guard’s job involves standing and walking for long hours, so boots need comfort and support. Apart from that, it should be durable and waterproof to provide high traction. Therefore, rubber-soled boots are preferred over leather-soled boots.

security license

A security license may not be part of a security patrol device or piece of equipment, but it is certainly an important part of a guard’s job. It has been observed in many jurisdictions that they must carry it with them at all times while on duty, after all it is he who confirms their position as a security guard. In many cases, it is also illegal to not do so. So always double check your license before starting work.


Today, smartphones in the security industry are turning the table. Eliminates the need for multiple security patrol devices that a security patrol guard needed to do its job.Instead, everything is built into a single mobile patrol app As of Guardso you can install it on your Android or iOS smartphone. You can do a lot from there, from reporting to taking photos and videos, checking in and out of posting sites, and scheduling the shifts security guards want to work.


It is not surprising that security guards often have to work in positions where suspects must be held until the police arrive. For that, handcuffs are essential. But don’t get yourself shiny handcuffs, especially if you work in public places. You are more likely to scare people who are there to have fun or work. Criminals are obviously not intimidated by it, though. They are lighter and camouflaged with a duty belt and black trousers.


Flashlights are one of the most important security patrol devices that not only provide a clear line of sight, but also act as weapons. However, this depends on the type of patrol performed by the Security Patrol Guard. However, it is recommended to carry it regardless of the type of shift. However, guards may consider a compact flashlight while on duty during the day shift or use the one built into the Guardso mobile patrol app. Otherwise, remember that it should be sturdy, waterproof, and durable, capable of producing bright light.

duty belt

Service belts are important utility items for easily carrying multiple necessary gear and weapons as required by security patrol guards. But the first time they go wrong with it is when they opt for leather belts that crack and fall apart when used outdoors in harsh sunlight, humidity and rain. Nylon belts, on the other hand, are much lighter, cheaper and last longer. . Agility and speed play a key role in this job, so you can quickly access things when you need them most.

And that’s how we go one step further to enhance security guard well-being

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