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Disturbing Video Shows Last Moments of Patient's Life After Mask … – The Epoch Times

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A disturbing video of an altercation between two hospital security guards and Stephanie Wariner (Stephanie Wariner). mask Pulled down under her chin — published by various media outlets.

January 12th, CTV News Toronto releases new video footage showing Wariner, 43, facing security guards Amanda Rojas Silva, 42, and Shane Hatley, 35, at Toronto General Hospital on May 11, 2020 Did. Death due to illegal confinement or restraint

Despite the new video being obtained from the court, Ontario Superior Court Judge Sean Dunphy ruled that there was not enough evidence to proceed to the originally scheduled trial. in MayDunphy Claim Denied Against Rojas Silva and Hatley in a decision rendered on November 22, 2022.

The patient’s sister, Denise Wariner, has blamed her sister’s death for “COVID paranoia and phobias.” “She didn’t care about her. She wriggled like a cow,” Denise said. toronto sun She was pushed against a wall, pinned down and handcuffed. It was heartless, cruel, and unnecessary. “

“This was a hospital, not a prison,” she added.

Now the family won’t spend a day in court.Dennis said the family wanted to appeal but was told “the 30-day period has expired.”

“The system seems to want it gone,” she added.

dennis said CBC News She said she was “shocked” and “horrified” when she learned that there would be no court hearing.

camera turned away

whether video A camera operated by hospital security turned away from the scene while guards held the patient, so it’s unclear if it was material evidence in the criminal trial.

In the video, security can be seen approaching Wariner, sitting alone in a chair near the wall, with his mask under his chin.

A female guard approaches and begins repeatedly pointing and gesticulating near Warriner’s face.

The camera turns away momentarily. It is then brought back into the scene where Wariner is seen standing up and trying to move away from a female security guard, who pushes her against a wall. It is directed against a non-existent wall.

“The guards didn’t know this, but Stephanie was a beautiful, caring person. I just put my mask down to play,” her sister told the Toronto Sun.

“She was practically dead on the spot,” said Dennis. “Her doctors later resuscitated her, but she never regained consciousness, her doctors said she had no brain activity, and she was put on her life support machine 16 days later. removed.”

court documents In dismissing the charge of manslaughter, it states: She did not cooperate in this process at all. There is conflicting evidence as to whether Wariner was vocally vigilant at this point. “

In the video, shortly after the camera turns away from the scene, the patient and the security guard come into view of the camera again. Security guards walk in groups, one dragging Wariner’s wheelchair on the floor. She seems unconscious.

Court documents state that Rojas-Silva noticed Wariner being pulled backwards in his wheelchair. Code Blue has been called. “

Coroner: “restraint asphyxiation”

Coroner’s report obtained by CBC News In November 2020, Wariner confirmed she was “sitting quietly” in the hospital lobby when approached by a group of security guards. “deliberately turned away” for more than 2 minutes.

Wariner went to the hospital and was in pain. Chronic breathing problems. According to court documents, Wariner was in his COVID ward at the hospital and security was called because he had his mask down. Wariner was described by court documents as having COPD and being in a “medically vulnerable condition.”

Approximate Weight Wariner 125 pounds At the time of her death, she went to the hospital’s food court, said her sister, Dennis.

of December 2020According to City News, Toronto police have allowed Dennis to view security footage that is now being released by the media.

“One of the guards aggressively and violently grabbed my sister and crushed her face first into the concrete wall,” Denise told City News. “I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced heartbreaking horror. … You can’t help but replay those traumatic images in your mind over and over again. it bothers me.

According to court documents, Wariner “had deprived his brain of oxygen due to cardiopulmonary arrest” and suffered “brain damage due to deprivation of oxygen.”

The coroner’s report said she died from “restraint asphyxiation.”

Two staff members involved in the situation faced disciplinary action and two no longer work at the hospital, City News reported.

Dunphy ruled that the guards “are not medical professionals” and may have had only “limited knowledge of the condition” of the deceased Wariner. There is evidence that Wariner was detained for “violence of the police,” suggesting there was not enough evidence to proceed to trial.

The video captures Wariner’s final moments alive with consciousness.

“It’s sad that the jury won’t see it,” her sister told the Toronto Sun.

Marnie Cathcart is a reporter based in Edmonton.

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