Home News Exclusive: England footballers put security guards on 24-hour alert after Raheem Sterling burglary – The Telegraph

Exclusive: England footballers put security guards on 24-hour alert after Raheem Sterling burglary – The Telegraph

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Worried England World Cup stars have issued a 24-hour emergency alert to security guards. Robbery of Raheem Sterling’s house There is growing concern that they will be targeted by organized gangs.

Sterling, who was described as “upset” by a source, said his Surrey home was robbed on Sunday night, after confirming he was “investigating the theft of a number of items, including jewelry. , returned to England with participation in the World Cup in jeopardy and the clock.”

A second police statement confirmed that Sterling’s family returned from watching him at the World Cup on Saturday and that his home had been burgled.The date of the robbery is unknown.

Police say there were no threats of violence, but it was not disclosed if the alleged intruder returned to the facility after the robbery and was seen by members of Sterling’s family.

England beat Senegal It’s all the more remarkable given Telegraph Sport can reveal that Sterling’s shocked teammate has increased security around his home and family.

Players’ agents were instructed to patrol their homes 24 hours a day for security teams, intercept delivery attempts, and monitor for unusual or suspicious activity.

Home security has become one of the biggest expenses for high-profile soccer players in recent years. It is estimated that those who make it to the Champions League and play for the national team will have to spend over £100,000 a year to maintain their assets and families. safety.

The security company has security guards visiting the home each night, staying in the home during games involving the homeowner, coordinating security when the player goes out to dinner, playing football or going on vacation, to keep the player safe. It provides different levels of protection for

Some players hire personal bodyguards for their loved ones while not attending major tournaments. This makes security costs much higher, investing in a guard dog that can cost as much as £40,000.

Police confirm Sterling robbery

After first confirming the robbery at Stirling’s home, a second statement from Surrey Police said: On Saturday, December 3rd, the resident returned to his address after returning home from an overseas trip.

“They contacted police before 9 p.m. and reported numerous jewelery items stolen, including watches. Officers attended a speech later that evening and will speak to residents this morning (Monday). I came back for

“At this time, the date the property was stolen is unknown, and establishing this is an important part of our investigation.

“The investigation into the full circumstances continues to be ongoing and officers will examine all available evidence, including CCTV opportunities.”

The statement added: No arrests have been made at this time. “

Sterling is a famous soccer player who was recently targeted and Telegraph Sport knows at least four of his club and international teammates over the past year or so.

For privacy and security reasons, Telegraph Sport has decided not to disclose the identities of players who have been victims of incidents that have not yet been reported.

Players have become very concerned about the issue of setting up high-security panic rooms in their homes in case they and their families are in the house if an intruder breaks in. The room has a special panic button that triggers all alarms in the house.

England players have reported incidents in recent months of being chased from the club’s training grounds, with cars trailing behind them, and players rerouted to safety by the club’s in-house security team. I had to be guided to a certain place.

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