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Mistakes Guardso Guard Tour System Help Avoid At Gated Communities

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Gated communities are becoming more and more popular as they offer a wide range of amenities. But one of the things that sets potential residents apart from choosing gated communities is that they offer excellent safety and security. Gated communities will surely fall apart if this element is ignored, eliminated, or not up to modern standards.

security company It’s common to make various mistakes with this setup. Today we will discuss them and explore how the Guardso Guard Tour System can help enhance guard services in such communities. Let’s see.

unprotected entry and exit

Today it is not enough to put closed gates. This is the first serious mistake many gated communities often make.

It will be the security company’s responsibility to make sure they understand it, so be prepared to effectively solve this problem.

The Guardso Guard Tour Systems visitor management system helps you build a 24/7 centralized system.

This allows security guards to keep a record of everyone entering and exiting a gated community and track movement on-premises for emergency evacuation.

lack of communication

Regardless of the type of facility providing security guard services, transparency in communication between security teams plays a paramount role in creating a safe and secure environment.

Lack of communication often leads to utter chaos within the community as intruders roam freely.

With that in mind, the Guardso Guard Tour System messenger application is designed to keep in touch with all guards on site.

Whenever you notice an anomaly, you can report it immediately and other guards can be alerted via it on the premises. You can also call for help.

missing security guard

Vandals and thieves have gotten smarter. They are now carefully studying and monitoring the location before committing a crime.

Finding patterns in security guard patrols and security guards casually taking breaks or disappearing from customer sites presents a great opportunity to breach security without much effort.

To avoid these problems, the Guardso guard tour system comes with a powerful scheduler and GPS tracker.

With the Security Guard Scheduler, you can not only schedule your shifts optimally, but also assign predefined breaks to your guards to ensure that your site is not exposed.

A GPS tracker follows the guard’s every move. When a move becomes inactive, the system is triggered to immediately flag him as inactive so that the manager can take action.

Improper delegation of tasks

Delegation is different from micromanagement, but they are confused with each other.

Micromanaging is about sharing your team with mere ideas. Delegating tasks ensures that critical information and detailed, accurate instructions are provided to security guards so they can work effectively.

A lack of detailed information and precise instructions only weakens security officers’ decision-making ability and ultimately reduces their productivity.

To remedy this situation, the Guardso Guard Tour system allows security managers to create specific tasks for their guards.

Poor security reporting

Tracking security guard reports enables a safer and more secure gated community. How?

They provide all the important information you need to analyze the different situations in which you work and improve your environment. That’s why today’s gated communities invest in tech-savvy security companies that provide custom reports.

Standard reports only provide surface level data from scratch. Only certain decisions can be made with a glimpse of the security threat landscape.

If you want to dig deeper and provide a better security guard service, Guardso security reporting software is what you need. It offers a variety of customizable report structures to help you create meaningful reports that connect the dots.

delay in emergency response

One of the biggest benefits of having a dedicated security guard on-premises is faster response times.

Nonetheless, delayed emergency response to incidents in the field is one of the biggest flaws of any security solution. It could exacerbate the situation, which could have been controlled by security personnel who arrived on the scene on time.

It is equipped with the Guardso guard tour system for such scenarios. security guard dispatch software.

Even if multiple residents call, dispatchers will assign the guard closest to the scene of the incident, helping to register and update.

Dispatchers can display real-time status updates so that delays can be handled efficiently, further reducing response times significantly.


No one is immune to mistakes. Even though you have all the resources, you may be running out of security guard services. But if we ignore everything in front of us and continue to act as we did before, we are very likely to repeat the same mistakes in every gated community.

Start by identifying where you are missing. Utilize a guard tour system like Guardso to have a visitor management system, GPS tracker, security guard dispatcher and more in a single platform. Residents of gated communities want nothing more than security. We promise to do it the right way.

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