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How GuardsPro Ensures No Security Patrols Are Ever Missed?

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Neglecting security patrols can damage your reputation. You know that all too well, right? In fact, it can rob you of your most loyal clients that way.

It’s a difficult question to answer, but it’s not unsolvable. GuardsPro, a cloud-based security guard management platform A one-stop solution, but how? That’s what you’re trying to explore now. Shall we begin?

Open shift and shift status

GuardsPro’s Open Shift and Shift Status features are the easiest way to ensure security guards never miss a scheduled security patrol. How?By allowing security administrators to create shifts that are open to all guards. GuardsPro Mobile App, then select and confirm the shift you want to work. Once it’s done, the manager will be instantly notified of the confirmation.

Also, if security guards don’t see open shifts, managers can go ahead and assign specific security guards to ensure the shifts are run. So this feature not only gives security guards a level playing field, but also encourages accountability without pressure.

Real-time schedule/shift changes

No matter how good your planner is, you need a guard scheduler like GuardsPro to eliminate the possibility of losing your paper schedule. Needed to instantly change scheduled shifts and let security guards know the same through real-time notifications in the app.

This allows security guards to stay up to date with changes made to their schedules if they miss a security patrol while traveling. Plus, GuardsPro’s security guard scheduler with easy public/private shift capabilities allows you to do so whether scheduling is on autopilot or weeks in advance. What more could you ask for?

Ability to clock in only on site

Need yet another amazing way to ensure your security guards never miss a security patrol? Use GuardsPro’s Geofencing Enabled security guard monitoring system Ensure that security guards only report from the post office at scheduled times and not from other locations. This allows you to know the exact time and location of your guards in real time. Delays or omissions in security patrols will be notified immediately so that appropriate action can be taken.

Real-time notification of shift delays

Real-time notifications, no joke, can be real-time lifesavers for executives. GuardsPro Guard Scheduler They can be picked up by an administrator the moment a security guard misses a security patrol. In the event of an unavoidable absence, GuardsPro allows her security manager to easily find replacements with the same qualifications and skills and assign shifts to other guards so work never stops. There is none.

Identify checked-in guards on the map

You can’t miss an important checkpoint just because you’ve identified the security guard who checked you in at the postal site on the map.that’s why GuardsPro guard monitoring system Increase field visibility with location mapping and geofencing with GPS trackers. It also helps address the accountability that discourages missing patrol sites. Violations and inactivity are flagged and immediately notified to administrators.

Ability to scan all checkpoints

Security patrol failures can be fixed using the GuardsPro Security Guard Scheduler. But how do you propose to fix guards lacking critical checkpoints? We recommend conducting guided site tours using GuardsPro QR, NFC and virtual tags .

These can be easily created with just a few clicks using our security guard management platform and used as checkpoints.of GuardsPro Mobile App Allow security guards on a guided site tour to scan all checkpoints and complete the task. Therefore, the net result is better overall onsite performance and auditability.

What plans do you have in place to ensure your security guards don’t miss mobile security patrols?

Let us know by commenting below.

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But if you’re looking for a solution that can do more than schedules and GPS tracking, GuardsPro, our cloud-based guard management platform, is the perfect fit. Sign up for a 30-day free trial You have instant access to the entire system. For more information, our website.

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