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No Client Of A Security Guard Company Want Paper Reports: Here’s Why

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GuardsPro has quickly become the industry’s leading security guard management platform. The only reason behind it is the fact that it has brought efficiencies in many ways to security companies due to its many practical features. Online reporting software.

With GuardsPro, guards can easily share their reports with back-office users and ultimately view them online with their clients.What security guards need GuardsPro Mobile Patrol App You can share not only a single report, but also a variety of reports in real time, from custom reports to generic reports. Due to increased efficiency thanks to the GuardsPro security guard management platform, the security guard company’s clients no longer need to receive paper reports.

Here are some reasons why security firms should upgrade to a platform that allows them to share digital reports with clients in real time.

difficult to track

Another issue security companies often face with written reports is how to track them. If the report is lost, it will be difficult to trace the original document and the data will be lost forever.

On the other hand, GuardsPro security guard management platform allows not only you but also your clients to get the report as per their need. In addition, clients can also know which security guards have produced the reports that are essential to establish accountability and improve security guard efficiency.

illegible handwriting

As with any type of writing, the readability of handwriting varies from person to person. This creates an opportunity for misunderstandings that can occur when reports are written in illegible handwriting. The powerful GuardsPro reporting software uses standard fonts so your message is clearly understood by all users, not just your clients.

Missing multimedia files

Paper reports are useful, but they can be subjective. The quality of the written report depends on the guard’s ability to tell exactly what happened and the client’s ability to visualize the content of the report.

This problem, GuardsPro Reporting SoftwareThe GuardsPro mobile app allows you to attach audio, video and image files to your reports. This allows guards to accurately represent what actually happened.

easy to lose

Like paper documents, handwritten reports are easily lost. You can mistake it for something else or completely misplace it. GuardsPro security guard management platform stores all security company data, including reports shared by security guards GuardsPro Mobile Patrol Make your apps securely available in the cloud and instantly available to you and your clients on the go.

mobile patrol app


There are even more benefits for security companies to use the GuardsPro guard management platform. However, enabling online reporting in a comprehensive and simple way is the most efficient way to allow the Guard to communicate with both back office users and clients.

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