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New security guard training to be implemented in 2023 from Dallas's … – Local 3 News

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The Dallas Act will make new changes to security guards across Tennessee in 2023.

A new training protocol for security guards will be implemented in early 2023 after the Dallas Act was passed earlier this year.

“The law is on the books in 2022,” said Kevin Walters, spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. Regardless, there are greater requirements for guards.”

Guards now have additional training to complete, except for those who are armed, unarmed, or employed under private practice.

“They should complete additional training in de-escalation, self-restraint, first aid, and CPR,” Walters said.

He also said guards must complete a retraining course every two years in order to renew their licenses.

“The Dallas Law is something our team takes seriously, and so do our colleagues at ABC, because it can mean greater safety for consumers, security guards themselves, or businesses. ,” said Walters.

He said the business they work for could face consequences if the department finds security guards without proper training.

“If a facility employs unlicensed or improperly registered security guards, the facility’s local liquor license or permit may be revoked,” Walters said. I’m here.

He said security guards must complete this training before the New Year and encourages patrons to report instances of security guards not completing this new training.

“We are a complaints-driven organization,” says Walters. “We need to be notified of violations so that we can investigate them, see if there is merit in the violation, and see if we take action. We ask that consumers let us know.”

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If your question is not answered on the Tennessee Department of Commerce Department of Insurance website, please email us. privateprotective@tn.gov Or call us at 615-741-6382.

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