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Spotlight: Upcoming career expo highlights the many benefits of becoming an Industrial Security Guard – SooToday

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NORPRO Security, a division of N1 Solutions, Inc., is currently recruiting licensed industrial security guards and is hosting a career expo. November 3, 11am-2pm Headquarters location, 477 Queen Street E., Suite 303, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

To learn more about this unique career path, we interviewed two professional industrial security officers from NORPRO Security and asked them about their work experiences.

Stable Career That Leads to Confidence

The industrial security guard we spoke to started working for NORPRO Security as a screener/tester for COVID-19 during the pandemic, but he decided to work for personal support to make his family less stressed and make more money. I changed my career from being a worker.

Why did you become an industrial security guard?

“I love the idea of ​​taking seven days off together. It’s much more consistent. I know if I can and when I can rest.

After all, I feel so much better about myself. I am less stressed. When my day is over, it’s over. My family and I are very happy. “

What’s the best part of your new career?

“I am very proud of the whole idea of ​​becoming an industrial security guard. It was something.

One of my proudest moments was being in a situation where I needed medical attention in the field. From my past experience and knowledge, and because he helped NORPRO get their Medical First Responder certification, I was able to jump right in and know what I needed to do. I made it. “

What does it mean to work at Norpro?

“NORPRO is really great. They helped me take the Industrial Guard Training Academy course online.

I’ve lived in Northern Ontario all my life, but every time I hit the highway it’s a different experience. It never surprises me.

Do you see this as a long-term career?

“Absolutely if Norpro protects! They were very supportive in obtaining other qualifications that strengthened my positional skills. I will definitely stick with this type of career.”

What advice would you give to someone thinking of changing jobs?

“Don’t be afraid. Be brave and move on because it’s worth it.”

Opportunities for growth and a trusting team environment

We also spoke with an industrial security supervisor who started working as an industrial security guard in 2021 and was quickly promoted.

Are you enjoying your industrial security guard schedule?

“Your holidays are great.

I feel like I’m a better father, a better husband and a better person because I didn’t get as much rest as I do before. “

What do you enjoy about working in a team?

“It certainly tests your integrity. When it is essentially a small family.

Everything we do is team oriented. No one has higher ranks or qualifications – we all work together. “

What advice would you give to someone thinking of changing jobs?

“The hardest part of this job is getting here. You go to the site and everything is fine. You earn your credentials, you earn your keeps, you honor your values, and you put everything in order.”

There is always something new. There are so many different scenarios and situations. Someone might be helping you find your way and answering a first aid call the next minute. Anything can happen at any time. “

Career EXPO provides information and conducts on-site interviews

NORPRO Security will host a Career Expo on Thursday, November 3rd, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at Suite 303, 477 Queen Street East, Sault Ste. Marie.with this industrial security guard experience At this event, attendees will be able to meet the security team, be interviewed on the spot, learn how to get a security guard license, and find out how to get involved. NORPRO Security Industrial Guard Training Academy.

If you are interested, please bring your latest resume.

A career as an industrial security guard has many benefits, including:

  • free training
  • Work 7 days and rest 7 days for full-time wages
  • Free housing, meals and transportation
  • health benefits
  • Providing security throughout Northern Ontario to protect people and property
  • Opportunity for career advancement
  • $500 signing bonus

To register for Career Expo, please visit: their event page And get your free ticket now!

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