Home News 10 security guards, 4 inmates killed in attack on Mexican border prison – The Statesman

10 security guards, 4 inmates killed in attack on Mexican border prison – The Statesman

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Ten security guards and four inmates have died after gunmen attacked a state prison in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, according to local Mexican newspaper Reforma.

The Chihuahua Public Prosecutor’s Office reported that “so far investigators have documented 14 deaths, including 10 prison guards and detention center officials, and four deprived of liberty.”

The accident happened around 7:00 a.m. when the family came to visit. The shooter arrived by car at the prison center, where he shot a guard. Amid confusion and panic among relatives, 24 inmates escaped from prison.

“According to initial investigations, they arrived at the prison center armed with firearms and in an armored vehicle around 7 a.m., where they shot a guard. A violent attack was reported against elements of the city’s police force, and following a chase, four men were apprehended and a Ford Expedition truck confiscated.”

“Prevention agents then repulsed an armed attack by two crew members of a Hummer vehicle that was shot down on Panamericana Avenue,” prosecutors detailed.

Cerezo has members of the criminal gangs “Guente Nueva” and “La Linea”, armed groups of the Sinaloa and Juarez Cartels respectively.

Chihuahua Police indicated that the Northern Zone personnel and undersecretary of staff are coordinating with elements of the Secretary of Defense (Cedena), the National Guard (GN) and the Office of the State Attorney General (FGE). Juarez Municipal Public Security Office of the prison facility to maintain control of the situation.

In addition, three levels of government security companies have been stationed in the streets of Ciudad Juarez, Reforma reports.
“The SSPE, through its Undersecretary for Police Deployment, has sent state police personnel from the Central-South Zone and Western Zone to support the operation in Ciudad Juárez.”

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