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APD makes arrest after security guard assaulted with crowbar – KXAN.com

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Austin (KXAN) – A man was arrested Monday morning after he smashed a bank window and hit a security guard in the head with a crowbar, police said.

According to court records, 31-year-old James Rashad Harris was at the Bank of America, 500 blocks on Congress Avenue, when he broke the ATM window inside with a metal bar.

According to the affidavit, as Harris left the bank, two security guards identified themselves and began pursuing him, demanding that Harris stop.

James Rashad Harris Photo: Austin Police Department

When APD arrived, officers said they heard what sounded like a metal object hitting the sidewalk, and security said Harris had dropped a metal pipe.

One of the guards said he was not provoked when Harris brandished a metal crowbar and hit the side of his head. According to court records, guards needed him two staples to close the wound.

KXAN has contacted an attorney representing Harris. I will update this story if I get a reply.

Records show that a metal crowbar was recovered at the scene.

As of Wednesday, Harris remains in Travis County Jail on a first-degree felony charge.

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