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Know The Various Types Of Security Guards

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Security guards have different roles. So there are different types of security guards. Some of these roles require regular training, while others require in-depth professional guidance.

patrol guards

Some clients want security guards to patrol one or more locations. Patrol guards are familiar with this because they are familiar with the equipment provided by the security agency and have been trained in driving patrol vehicles. Patrol guards are common in colleges and universities with large campuses. Oil companies also employ patrol guards to patrol their pipelines.

contract security guard

These are the typical security guards you are familiar with. They are trained in the most basic skills of patrolling the facility as well as guarding the entrance. Additionally, they tend to be good at social interactions as well. They have emergency skills for dealing with people and crisis situations.

When getting a contract security guard, make sure you have a license.

surveillance guards

Surveillance guards are tech savvy. They set up technology security solutions at your location and sit at surveillance surveillance stations to observe suspicious activity.

fire watch guard

Fire watch guards are trained professionals who look out for potential signs of fire and fire hazards.

Personal security guard

If you feel unsafe and need protection, you can hire a personal security guard. Usually they wear plain clothes to blend in.

alarm response guard

These guards are always on standby and respond to alarms emanating from client property. This will help you deal with criminal activity quickly. Calling the fire department and having them respond in a timely manner can prevent most fires from spinning out of control.

There are different types of guards available and they serve different purposes. Get to know the different types of guards and understand which ones you need.

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