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“Never Used Our Last Name”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Barred Children From Using His Surname for the Longest Time – Here’s Why – EssentiallySports

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Growing up, Schwarzenegger made sure his children lived a humble life like any other child. Arnold Schwarzenegger He didn’t want his children to rely on his celebrity status to get away with things. He wanted them to live a normal life and learn to be independent.


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Older daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger once spoke about her childhood with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. During the show, she revealed how she had a normal childhood thanks to her father and his ideals, but how the siblings avoided the iconic last name. Is it?


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Katherine Schwarzenegger was raised like any other child

Having a popular last name like Schwarzenegger was sure to give siblings an identity. , revealed how an Austrian oak took extraordinary steps to ensure that his four children had normal childhoods. In her interview, she talked about how her brother never gave his last name to begin with!

“We never used last names. When I went to college, I wrote my last name on paper for the first time.” identified the author. To keep his children from being recognized by his name, Schwarzenegger hid their surname identities. So what did the children write instead? Katherine mentioned how her siblings always go with just an ‘S’ after their names.

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Catherine remembers that the first time she wrote her full name was when she was in college. This gave her enough time to learn to be independent. Similarly, her other siblings also grew up doing odd jobs and making a small living while her father was governor.


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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t stop his son from earning a daily wage

From childhood, Patrick Schwarzenegger was encouraged, like other children his age, to work and earn pocket money, even when his father was governor of California at the time. didn’t stop Get a job at a local shopping mallPatrick acted as our tour guide, valet and, on interesting occasions, security guard!

LONDON, UK – JANUARY 22nd: Actors Arnold Schwarzenegger (right) and Patrick Schwarzenegger at the ‘The New York Times’ event at the Odeon West End in London, England, UK on January 22nd, 2013. will attend the European premiere of Last Stand. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

The actor and media business executive remembers his days as security guard for Paris Hilton at the mall. While the incident was hilarious, it also reflected how seriously Arnold’s ideals and values ​​were taken by his children. It was rare to see the children of celebrities establish ventures of their own, and Arnold Schwarzenegger made sure to give them that opportunity.


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