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Restaurant Robberies: 8 Steps You Must Take to Protect Your Business

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Restaurants are easy targets for robberies. Each year, robberies target hundreds of restaurants across the country. If you run a restaurant business, it is important to ensure the safety of your staff and customers. As such, you should consider hiring security guards and taking extra measures to protect your restaurant.

A robbery can cost a restaurant business or cafe a lot of money. Burglary is still a risk regardless of the size of the restaurant.

The following safety tips will give you peace of mind and reduce the chances of a restaurant robbery.

1. Adoption of strict policies regarding the handling of funds

Keep some cash on the counter and the rest in a safe place. Extra cash can be stored in a locked safe. Studies show that the majority of criminals cannot wait 15 minutes for the vault to open automatically. Vault security codes need to be changed frequently, especially after workers are no longer employed. Try not to schedule your visits to the bank on the same day or time each week. You can observe cash transfer routines and assess them for potential “theft” risk. Use a different route each day to receive cash at home or at your bank.

2. Manage your business hours

Strictly follow restaurant closing and opening protocols. Authorities say this is one of the key steps restaurants can take to prevent restaurant robberies. There are now specific safety procedures for unlocking, opening and inspecting restaurants and other employees are waiting to call for assistance if something goes wrong. Do not leave staff alone at work.

3. Hold safety awareness seminars for staff

Several tools are available to restaurant owners to help address safety concerns, including restaurant robbery tutorials, self-defense tips for employees, and law enforcement presentations. Management should instruct staff not to share sales figures, bank account details, safe or buzzer combinations, or anti-burglary technology with anyone.

Skill training for restaurant staff requires regular evaluation. Some cafes check safety concerns “three times a week” to ensure safety protocols are in place. These ratings and feedback help eliminate entry points for criminals by educating staff on the importance of safety. A few experts advise that companies should regularly train their employees on the penalties for participating in illegal activity and the consequences of “facilitating” illegal activity.

4. Cross-check potential employees before hiring

Another very common illegal activity in the restaurant business is employee robbery. Did you know that the hiring process is where restaurant robberies can be prevented? To do this, cross-check potential candidates before hiring them. So, before hiring an employee, you can request referrals, review referrals and verify a candidate’s work history.

Although always on the go, cafe staff usually have unrestricted access to all premises, which puts them at higher risk of robbery. Robbery of merchandise or cash should be prohibited under the cafe’s security policy. All staff members must acknowledge the facility’s security policy, certify that they understand the expectations, and commit to uphold the security measures.

We take steps to promote an open and healthy work environment. A supportive workplace has been proven to discourage staff theft and fraud. Staff are made to look like part of the company through employee appreciation, open communication, and ethical hiring procedures. Additionally, employees are less likely to steal if they are informed about the high cost of stealing and how stealing affects employment and income.

5. Improved overall safety

There are several steps you can take to ensure the security of your employees and your business. Some cafes and restaurants have invested in state-of-the-art high-definition surveillance camera systems, high-tech vaults and safes, and armored doors that neither staff nor criminals can unlock. Many companies hire security guards or build silent buzzer devices with wireless signals and switches on their premises. Consider strategically placing his CCTV systems in specific areas such as loading and unloading areas, cash registers, garbage disposals, and outdoor entrances that consumers may see. Make sure staff keep the rear entrance locked at all times.

Install video cameras at the exit door and inside the restaurant so that staff can observe suspicious behavior in the cafe and stop the parties/people from leaving.

6. Increase Clarity and Brightness

Improve your cafe’s exposure both outside and inside. Remove objects from windows and front doors that may prevent staff from noticing strangers around them. Make sure your outdoor areas are well maintained. All plants must be 2 feet tall and within 5 feet of a doorway. Branch height should be at least 4 feet above the surface. An important deterrent to those looking to commit crimes in the middle of the night is the presence of outdoor motion sensor spotlights. Add speed his breaker to the parking lot to prevent breakouts.

A sensible solution to preventing robbery is to assess the cafe’s surroundings, implement preventative measures, and take immediate corrective action if necessary.

7. Appoint armed guards

Involving safety personnel can greatly reduce the chances of an intrusion. Armed personnel provide a second line of defense in a robbery situation. They are professionally trained in rapid action techniques.

One effective technique to protect restaurants from robbery is to use powerful buzzer devices and uniformed security guards. It would be great to hire a security patrol service to ensure the safety of her restaurant 24/7.

8. Implementation of preventive mechanisms

Evaluate the square footage of your restaurant to determine if you need to install a door latch at the entrance. A door lock must be installed on the door or window. Door or window PVC must be anti-theft. Parking lots should include gates and fences where appropriate.


Security measures are not perfect because they differ from company to company and organization to organization. Contact Guard Services USA to create a special restaurant protection plan that can fully protect your restaurant.

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